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Supply Chain Execution Suite Supply Chain Execution Suite

Thriving In A Manual & Automated World

EPG ONE is comprehensive supply chain solutions suite that leverages over 35 years of global warehouse and logistics experience to increase performance in even the most complex supply chains. EPG ONE offers robust functionality across more of the supply chain through its Warehouse Management System (LFS), Warehouse Control System (WCS), Transportation Management Solutions (TMS) modules and Workforce Management (WFM) and Contract Management. No other supply chain execution suite can match the breadth of EPG ONE, which has been successfully implemented by more than 1,500 customers across the globe in both traditional warehouses and some of the most advanced automated environments in the world. It can operate on any technology platform, or in the cloud, and is developed for easy configuration at the end-user level for unparalleled user-friendliness. Benefit from the flexibility of our software solution, and take a look for yourself or contact us today to learn more!


Flexibility, quality, security: this is our EPG ONE supply chain execution suite for managing and controlling your logistics processes in a cross-functional kind of way. All relevant data of the entire supply chain are readily available and interlinked. The result is an optimized order processing workflow. Be it human resources, warehouse and materials handling technology, transportation of goods, procurement, or manufacturing: you benefit from our many years of experience in supply chain management. And we’ll provide you with a system that delivers exactly what you need.

Logistics 4.0: smart, connected, digitized

Modern IT systems today are the decisive competitive factor in logistics, and also the key to meeting the challenges of increasing market demands and the pressure of rising costs. Connecting your supply chain in a smart way becomes the order of the day, from machines to warehouse hardware and technology, to trucks, and all the way to the entirety of your electronic resources: smart logistics is the future. Get your supply chain logistics in shape for version 4.0!


LFS is logistics 4.0-ready. The LFS IoT connector serves as the main communication interface, linking the various technologies used in the warehouse and making sure that all participatory systems interact in a smart way – from the smallest sensor to sophisticated materials handling technology and all the way to the technologies of the future, such as drones and robotics solutions. We continue developing LFS so that your logistics retain their competitive edge.

LFS Software Suite

Smart, connected warehouse management

LFS manages and controls all movements of goods within the warehouse while intelligently synchronizing these movements. The system is designed as modules and works across all industries, and it even grows alongside your business if and when your requirements change. Discover the excellent functionality of our warehouse management system now!

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Are you faced with the question of how best to reduce your transport costs - especially in the wake of rising energy costs? How can you simultaneously increase efficiency in route planning, but save kilometres, tours and vehicles and reduce CO2 emissions?

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Transportation Management Solutions

Manage your tour planning needs and optimize your routes using TMS. Benefit from DELIVERY, our truck driver app suitable for all smart devices. Now steer your logistics all the way to the top!

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Warehouse Control System

Plan, monitor, and control the entire material flow within your warehouse. With the WCS warehouse control system, we are offering one of the most state-of-the-art systems for material flow control currently on the market, including 3D visualization and emulation.

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Workforce Management

One of the most sophisticated tasks in the logistics industry is human resource planning and scheduling. With WFM, workforce and operational information is provided at different levels of granularity for the purpose of optimizing human resource planning.

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