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Quality And Freshness Under One Roof: Food & Beverage

Strict guidelines are part and parcel of the daily operations of food and beverage wholesalers and retailers. End-to-end batch traceability, handling best-before dates and bulks, and integrating a wide range of picking methods such as pick-by-voice all form an integral part of the LFS solution. In addition, our logistics software also allows you to quickly adapt to new customer specifications and legal regulations. Take a look for yourself and find out more about the high level of transparency and efficiency offered by our Warehouse Management System LFS, which will put you one step ahead of the competition.



LFS Includes A Variety Of Modules For The Food & Beverage Industry

  • Best-Before-Date (BBD) handling
  • Batch handling
  • Multi-order picking: 2-stage work packages
  • Pick-by-Voice
  • Bulk handling
  • Quality certificates/labels
  • Beverage logistics

Logistics Under Extreme Conditions

Be it storing meat, frozen foods, or dairy products: food logistics often takes place under extreme conditions as this is the only way of keeping food fresh in accordance with legal requirements. Our IT infrastructure remains safe and reliable, even at temperatures of up to -30°C (-22°F). Today, LFS already controls the entire flow of materials across a large number of cold storage warehouses.

In the spotlight

Pick-By-Voice For Beverage Handling

Manually picking beverages can be very taxing on the human body. Which is why 90% of beverage wholesalers and retailers trust pick-by-voice when choosing a picking system. The significant advantage of this technology is that staff members keep both hands free, allowing them to fully focus on picking the goods. LFS features an open interface to the pick-by-voice system. Moreover, with the Lydia Voice Solutions EPG also offers the leading-edge solution for voice-controlled processes. Thanks to Lydia Pick-By-Voice, beverage wholesalers and retailers benefit from improved ergonomics and can increase their productivity by up to 20%.

Rock Stars of the Supply Chain Champions 2020


The Rock Stars of the Supply Chain Award 2020 honors the industry’s most influential for their vision, hard work and leadership in forming the global food supply chain. “The 2020 Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain showcases the true rock stars of the industry, those that go the extra mile, to ensure their company’s supply chains are being operated in an efficient, transparent and safe manner. These professionals are a true example as to why today’s food and beverage supply chains are in position to curtail tomorrow’s consumers’ demands, and why today’s youth should consider the supply chain and logistics industry as a possible path of employment,” says Marina Mayer, editor-in-chief of Food Logistics.

100+ Software and Technology Providers 2019


Food Logistics presents software and technology companies that are leaders in innovations in the food and beverage industry. Their solutions and services provide companies the opportunity to improve efficiencies and increase productivity within their business. In 2019 Food Logistics featured software and technology companies whose products and services assure warehousing and transportation, ease safe operations, ensure regulatory compliance and decrease operating losses.