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We Prove It! We Prove It!

Pick by Voice Solution:
Fully Functional Lydia Voice 30-Day Pilot Program

Whether you already have a previous generation voice solution in place or want to add voice technology into your warehouse for the first time, the 30-day pilot will help you prove that Lydia Voice is the best option on the market. For new voice users, we can easily integrate Lydia Voice with your existing WMS. If you already have a voice solution like Vocollect Voice, then with our Co-Exist Solution you can run Lydia Voice in your warehouse simultaneously with Vocollect Voice and no voice template training is required. If you are a Vocollect Voice user, let us prove it to you and show how Lydia Voice can help you gain an additional 8-12% worker productivity. The 30-day pilot program allows you to implement a Lydia Voice solution for only $9,500*! Let us prove it!

Learn more about the pilot program in our Webinar "Voice in Your Warehouse: Prove It!"

* A $45,000 Value. Restrictions Apply.

Lydia Voice Prove IT Pilot Project

Request a Free Lydia Voice Demo


Request a Free Lydia Voice Demo

WEBINAR "Voice in Your Warehouse: Prove It!"

Learn how to take project risk off the table quickly by proving Lydia Voice™ integrates with virtually any WMS solution and validating the voice recognition in your environment before making any major financial and resource commitments.

Watch Recording
in only 30-Days

Lydia Voice
will Prove It!

Validate Lydia Voice's superior voice recognition performance (no voice template training required) with your team over a 30-day period.

Increase your productivity by 20% - 30%. No voice template training required. This is a big change for Vocollect Users who should expect to gain an ADDITIONAL 8% to 12% productivity boost. It's been proven. Let us prove it to you.

Reduce error rates by 25%-50% by focusing workers in a hands-free, eyes-free working environment. If you are not operating with at least a 99.9% accuracy rate today, you could be.

Increase productivity with optimized voice directed workflow processes. And easily make changes and enhancements without expensive investments.

Integration with your WMS/ERP: Eliminate project integration risks to enable project commitment.

Evaluate various hardware platform options: device options, headsets (wireless or wired) and voice wear alternatives.

See Lydia Voice in Action!

Download Free Lydia Voice Demo App

Lydia Voice Demo App on Adroid Phone shows screen of the app.

Our Lydia Voice Demo will guide you through the voice picking process. Pick by voice with EPGs Lydia Voice is interactional and simple to follow. You and your staff will be excited when you achieve approximately 35% productivity improvements in your distribution center. Even with face masks, Lydia Voice delivers an impressive performance of 100% voice recognition. Convince yourself now!


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Learn more about Voice Technology by reading our White Papers White Paper Selection
100% Recognition With Face Mask

Lydia Voice Delivers Excellent Recognition Quality

Your WMS/ERP Lydia Voice Integration Possibilities

  • Real-Time Interface - Epicor
  • Real-Time Interface - Epicor Prophet 21
  • Real-Time Interface - HighJump
  • Real-Time Interface - HighJump Accellos
  • Real-Time Interface - Infor A+
  • Real-Time Interface - Infor MAPICS
  • Real-Time Interface - JDA Red Prairie
  • Real-Time Interface - Manhattan pKms
  • Real-Time Interface - Manhattan WMoS
  • Real-Time Interface - Microsoft Dynamics
  • Real-Time Interface - Microsoft Navision
  • Microsoft.Net for Tecsys
  • Microsoft.Net with Object Library
  • Real-Time Interface - Oracle Apps
  • Real-Time Interface - Oracle JDE
  • Real-Time Interface - Retalix
  • Real-Time Interface - Retalix Tricep
  • Direct Interface for SAP WM
  • Direct  Interface for SAP WM
  • Lydia Voice PickManager Middleware
  • Direct Interface for HTML
  • Real-Time Interface - Web Services/HTTP
  • Real-Time Interface - Telegram Client
  • Real-Time Interface - Aptean Catalyst
  • Real-Time Interface - Netsuite
  • Real-Time Interface - SAGE

Increased Productivity



Reduction Of Error Rates



Integration with your WMS/ERP