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Technical Competence For Your Logistics Requirements

Are you in the market for a Warehouse Management System or Voice Solutions, or do you need assistance selecting an industry-specific solution? In our white papers, we have gathered all the important information on this and other topics. Is anything missing? Just get in touch!

Voice Software in the Warehouse 2009-2019: Has Anything Really Changed?

This industry perspective white paper focuses on voice technology, some of the key changes we’ve seen since 2009 and explores how voice solutions are adapting and needing to embrace the reality of today. In addition, it will address some of the key changes in the software and hardware technology landscape and the impact being felt within the distribution center from e-commerce growth.

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Guide to choosing the right voice solution

The benefits offered by voice solutions, providing suitable flexibility, have been clear to see for many years – including when used in conjunction with automated systems. Around the world, companies big and small across a wide range of industries have been banking on voice solutions in their picking operations. However, not all voice solutions are created equal. If you have already opted to use a voice technology solution, this white paper will provide some pointers on what to look out for when choosing a supplier.

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Route planning with time-dependent travel times

With route planning, effectiveness (time) and efficiency (total cost) are of the utmost importance to ensure that your drivers and technicians to reach their destination at the desired ETA while also keeping your drivers and clients happy and saving valuable money for your entire operations. However, there is one crucial time related aspect that is often overlooked when planning routes: the actual traffic flow velocity at different locations and times of the day in a delivery area. Learn more!

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Two-Vendor Voice Strategy For Your Business Plan 2023

Lydia Voice is successfully operating at select, larger Vocollect customers and has been for more than two years! In fact, users are experiencing a consistent 11% productivity improvement with Lydia Voice in comparison to Vocollect voice. Read the white paper to learn more!

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Dare to Compare: Reasons Why Lydia Voice Wins vs. The Previous Generation Voice Solution

The Lydia Voice speech recognition capabilities are proven by hundreds of thousands of users around the world. Its voice-directed feature set can match any available voice product, including Vocollect Voice, and its speech engine leads the market in its ability to adapt and get smarter over time. Lydia Voice’s neutral network recognition engine, excels at recognizing various dialects, which continues to be a challenge for other voice solutions and one of the key reasons they require continued voice template training. Vocollect Voice customers understand this continuous voice template retraining requirement. Let’s look at a comparison of the solution sets for Lydia Voice and Vocollect Voice.

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Making the Case for Driving Digital Transformation with a Smarter, Connected WMS

Supply Chain operations have never been easy. Managers have always been under pressure to control costs and accurately fill orders. But in recent years, rising customer expectations around accurate, rapid, e-commerce fulfillment have increased the speed and complexity of order fulfillment to a level that would have been unrecognizable a decade or two ago. Learn how to compete in today's logistics environments in our White Paper.

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The Ultimate Guide To Navigating WMS Selection

This White Paper will focus on the challenges and solutions to compete effectively in a digital economy. It will discuss the empowerment of the customer as they move rapidly into a world of automation and robotics. Finally, the publication will cover various challenges to think about when investigating a new WMS for an uncertain world.

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