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The picture shows a warehouse in which a wms is used.

Select the right Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Your future Warehouse Management System (WMS) will undoubtable have to play a large and important role on enabling and helping the business execute multiple unknown transformative processes, so be prepared for the uncertainty of the future with our ultimate WMS Guide and adress your business challenges with the best in class Warehouse Management Software.

The Ultimate Guide To Navigating WMS Selection

This White Paper will focus on the challenges and solutions to compete effectively in a digital economy. It will discuss the empowerment of the customer as they move rapidly into a world of automation and robotics. Finally, the publication will cover various challenges to think about when investigating a new WMS for an uncertain world.

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With the Warehouse Management System (LFS) From EPG You Can...

  • Compete more efficiently in a digital economy
  • Develop an agile IT supply chain strategy
  • Drive better customer experiences and engagement
  • Leverage new technologies such as automation and robotics
  • Leverage WMS software to streamline operations
  • Simply move forward
The Freedom To Move Forward

Benefits of EPG's WMS

E-commerce Is Transforming Warehouse Operations

Today, fewer industrial orders are full pallet and the days of weekly deliveries and stocking high levels of inventory, are a remnant of the past. Now, businesses have to develop an IT supply chain strategy that meets the increased number of orders, which single line orders and rapid delivery schedules. If your Warehouse Management Software is preventing your ecommerce initiatives from moving forward, it's time for EPG's LFS.

Automation And Robotics Is Changing the Infrastructure Landscape

The challenge for the WMS  moves from being able to support robotics and automation to it's ability to rapidly adapt for this hybrid environment. The ability to support a hybrid and changing robotics and automation environment is a core strength to the EPG solution, driven by our many years of working with 100's of customers over the years. If your in-house WMS is preventing you from optimizing your warehouse with automation and robotics, it's time to move forward with EPG.

The Consumerization Of The Warehouse

The changed service level expectation is driven from the consumerization of our shopping experience and knowing what is possible. Businesses must adapt to meet the ever evolving and rising level of customer expectations. If you are frustrated with always having to pay for WMS configuration changes to keep up with business process changes, it's time to move forward with EPG.

Space Utilization. The 80% Challenge.

While virtually all WMS solutions optimize up to 80% of a warehouse space capacity, this is no longer acceptable. Especially during a time when there is limited available space and a rapidly increasing cost for any new space commitments. EPG helps you solve this challenge with our Dynamic Slot Management. If you wanted greater utilization of space with increased inventory slotting density, and your old WMS doesn't provide dimensioning, it's time to move forward with EPG.


If your WMS is preventing your initiatives from moving forward, it’s time for warehouse management software with the freedom and flexibility you need: LFS by EPG.


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Increase in Warehouse Performance



Faster Picking Times