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Lydia Voice is the #1 Voice Solution for Android Devices

Several warehouse employees stand between storage racks and present different warehouse equipment such as Lydia VoiceWear, headsets, scanners and mobile devices that work with Lydia Voice.

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The picture shows five warehouse workers which are working with Lydia voice devices.

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A forklift lifts a pallet from a storage rack on instruction by our software LFS.wms.

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Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions by EPG

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Highly automated, smart and digital logistics solutions.

EPG is global leader in smart logistics and warehousing, serving the most prestigious clients globally including DHL, Hellmann, Volkswagen, Herr's and others. An important aspect of digitalization and automation is the complete mapping of process and information flows across the entire supply chain. This requires smart IT solutions that work together on a cross-sectoral basis. Learn all you need to know about innovative logistics solutions, hear about the latest trends and technology, and find out about the ways in which the Warehouse Management System LFS optimizes the processes of Global Player. 

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With our Warehouse Control System, you can manage, control, and optimize your entire flow of materials. Efficiently and manufacturer-independent – helping you to keep an eye on your systems and facilities and, if needed, take prompt action.

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The LFS warehouse management system actively guides the movement of all manual and automated storage units. Furthermore, the system is also multi-client and enterprise ready, can be employed regardless of the platform or database used, and works across all industries.

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Connect the warehouse and the road: our Transportation Management System (TMS) lets you manage and control all of your logistics processes from within a single system. All while knowing where your vehicles and goods are at all times.

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Lydia Voice

Hands free/eyes free: With the industry-leading Lydia pick-by-voice solution, you increase both productivity and employee satisfaction inside your warehouse. Reduce picking errors and benefit from the excellent cost-effectiveness of this solution.

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Delivery is our app for truck drivers, providing support when planning the order processing workflow all the way to handing over the goods to the customer. Each step is seamlessly and transparently integrated into the LFS software.

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EPG's Workforce Management (WFM) monitors your order volume and your human resources – transparently, clearly and always with the latest information. LFS.wfm models the entire order and segments it into the necessary process steps, such as picking, packing and shipping.

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Over 1,600 leading companies
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EPG (Ehrhardt Partner Group)



Worker Productivity 10-30%



Errors 50-75%



Pick Times 40-70%



Space Allocation By Up To 30%