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Two warehouse workers benefit of the voice picking system by receiving voice directions for picking in the warehouse.

Leading Voice Picking System in Voice Technology:
Lydia Voice

Voice Picking System Lydia Voice provides a complete integrated voice solution and is the #1 voice solution for Android devices. In addition, Lydia Voice is the only voice solution that offers unparalleled voice recognition with its deep neural network technology that eliminates old-fashioned, time consuming voice-template training. EPG believes customers should have a choice, and we provide more options than any other solution on the market today. Lydia Voice supports this goal through interfacing with a multitude of WMS and ERP solutions, the ability to run on numerous mobile devices, and  multiple licensing options including Perpetual, SaaS, Subscription, and  Hosted with Managed Services. Already running a voice solution? EPG's Co-Exist Solution enables companies to easily operate a two-vendor voice strategy without having to undertake any major additional voice integration efforts. Not sure voice is for you? EPG's Lydia Voice Prove It Program offers you a way to easily evaluate Lydia Voice with your orders and your team in one day. 

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Information On Lydia Voice Picking Solutions

See Lydia Voice in Action!

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Our Lydia Voice Demo voice-enables the picking task, resulting in an interactive experience. You'll be able to hear how Lydia Voice eliminates numerous steps in standard workflows – the standard nine stage picking task is diminished to five with voice. Using Lydia Voice provides higher worker satisfaction, and organizations that implement it achieve on average a 35% productivity enhancement and a return on investment in under nine months.


Dare to Compare: Reasons Why Lydia Voice Wins vs. The Previous Generation Voice Solution

If you are considering, or re-considering voice technology, download this white paper to learn some of the key reasons why customers have selected Lydia Voice and how they have successfully transitioned from Vocollect voice!

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Optimize Your Workflow Performance with Voice Picking

It's a balancing act between optimizing your workforce, often with temporary workers and streamlining existing processes to reduce costs and make an efficient business run even better. EPG, along with our Solution Providers, can help you identify approaches to reduce your operating costs, while supporting increased workforce productivity and accuracy.

Helping Companies With Mobile Workers Optimize Processes By Voice Picking

That's what we do. EPG is a leading provider of innovative voice technology solutions and does not require obsolete voice-template training processes from the 1990’s, which is still required by other voice technologies. EPG's Lydia Voice provides you with streamlined, best-in-class business processes to take your organization to the next level of operating efficiency. Our supply chain industry domain expertise has helped us successfully onboard hundreds of thousands of mobile workers around the world, with market leading experience working with SAP customers using WM and EWM and more than 25 other WMS solutions.

Protect Your Technology Investments with Voice Picking

Lydia Voice is specifically designed to fully leverage existing ERP & WMS technology investments with the industry's broadest and deepest data integration solution portfolio and a native interface for SAP WM and EWM customers. EPG helps empower customers to select and determine an optimal solution.

Delivering Results Starts With Our Value Engagement Process

Our team will learn more about your specific business objectives as we gain an understanding of your detailed operational and workflow processes. We meet with key management to better understand the prioritization of the business issues that you want to address.

Together, we will physically walk through one of your targeted facilities to document and observe workers executing various tasks. Our observations and recommendations go well beyond just where voice technology could add quantifiable business value. Our aim is to help you run smarter connected logistics.

Benefits of Voice Picking Software at a Glance

  • Intuitive operation using spoken language
  • Reduce the training time - no          voice-template training required
  • Uses advanced neural network technology to understand dialects
  • Optimum ergonomics
  • Improved process quality and increased efficiency
  • Short amortization period
  • Flexible connection to WMS and ERP systems
  • Hardware and platform independent
  • Solutions for businesses and enterprises

Lydia Voice
- Deep Neural Network Computing

Unsurpassed Voice Recognition and Improved Support for Dialects

We Are Your Voice Technology Experts

Every one of our customer engagements begins by developing a deep understanding of your unique business challenges. We are then able to apply our extensive warehouse and industry expertise to recommend a solution that achieves your business goals and leverages best-practice processes to optimize your return on investment, while ensuring acceptance and adoption from your team.

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Create a smarter connected logistics world.

Lydia Voice Software
Provides You The Freedom & Flexibility You Need