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Optimize Your Inventory With Our Inventory Management Software

Ehrhardt Partner Group´s Inventory Management Software can help you stay competitive in today's inventory environment. Todays logistics is very different than it was even a few years ago: E-commerce, smaller and more specialized orders. That's why it's critical that your logistics systems in place are interconnected and fast. Voice guided systems and inventory automation will help your company to stay competitive. Get started with our White Paper "Making the Case for Driving Digital Transformation with Smart, Connected WMS"!

Making the Case for Driving Digital Transformation with a Smarter, Connected WMS

Digital supply chain transformation calls for agility, which you get through  functionality like resource management tools that come integrated with a WMS. Read our White Paper to find out more about the Inventory Management Systems.         

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In This White Paper You Will See:

  • Why your logistics systems can’t operate in a silo
  • How Inventory control systems can automate key areas of your supply chain
  • How EPG helped a major food supplier move from manual processes to a dynamic Inventory Managment System
  • How WMS dashboards can give you and your colleagues' visibility across the supply chain
  • The top 5 reasons your company should switch to a high-performance Inventory Management Software
  • How integrated logistics execution software sets foundation for digital success

Business Success With A Smarter Connected Inventory Management System

Why Siloed Logistics Systems Can’t Deliver In The Digital Age

Siloed systems are those that lack real-time integration with other execution systems, and are useful only within a distinct operational domain. For example, even today in many companies, transportation management solutions (TMS) software is used by one group to plan shipments, select carriers, and tender loads, while a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is used to control inventory and manage warehouse processes.

Inventory Management Systems For More Flexibility

Digital supply chain transformation calls for agility, which you get through functionality like resource management tools that come integrated with a WMS. Companies want to be able to utilize algorithms that will offer quick, intelligent recommendations on how to best adjust their workforce.

An Inventory Management System To Suit All Industries

The Inventory Management System from Ehrhardt Partner Group is an efficient and flexible logistics management system that can be adapted to your industry-specific requirements. We help you in all areas: E-Commerce, Electronics, Automotive and Spare Parts, Healthcare, Industry and Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, logistics services

Highly Customizible Workflows, Dashboards, And User Interfaces

Different roles in an organization want to see warehouse and logistics trends in different ways, from associates on the floor, who need task direction and highlights on goals; to managers, who need to plan and allocate labor, to executives, who want to drill down into costs. Having a customizable solution with consistent dashboards and interfaces enables each user to maximize the features and benefits of the solution and accelerates user adoption and increases overall productivity.


EPG is the only company to offer its own integrated WMSWCS, WES, TMS, and Voice Solutions


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