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Vocollect Voice Picking System replaced by Lydia Voice:
Challenge Your Knowledge Of Voice Technology

While some customers will simply renew and refresh with their existing voice provider, many will investigate and compare various provider options and select a new voice picking solution for their warehouse or distribution center. Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) and its Lydia Voice solution has won more new business from existing voice customers than any other voice solution. In the following you also find an example of the customer Simba Dickie, who has switched from Vocollect Voice to Lydia Voice - with incredible results.


EPG challenges you to dare to compare the old standard of warehouse voice technology, Vocollect Voice, to the more robust and flexible Lydia Voice solution.

Dare to Compare: Reasons Why Lydia Voice Wins vs. The Previous Generation Voice Solution

If you are considering, or re-considering voice technology, download this white paper to learn some of the key reasons why customers have selected LYDIA Voice and how they have successfully transitioned from Vocollect Voice!

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Which Voice Picking System ...

  • Has more licensing flexibility including SaaS?
  • Is easier to onboard without voice template training?
  • Supports affordable Android devices?
  • Does not charge a license transfer fee?
  • Offers a headset-free option for your workers?
  • Simply increases your productivity?
Transistioned from Vocollect Voice to Lydia Voice

Vocollect Replacement at Simba Dickie

Keyfacts About Simba Dickie's Transition To Lydia Voice

  • Vocollect Voice user since 2010 - transistioned to Lydia Voice in 2017
  • 50% of workers using Lydia VoiceWear by worker request
  • Customer didn't expect an improvement since they had already been using voice


Increase Of Productivity While Immense Cost Savings

The most important point is that Simba Dickie obtained an 11% increase in productivity vs. their older voice solution Vocollect Voice. Impressive and totally unexpected by the customer. Finally, Lydia Voice will give the customer a total cost savings of around 35%.

No Voice Template Training And Excellent Voice Recognition

Another key aspect that the business gained was the ability to better support their full-time workers as well as their temporary, seasonal workers by eliminating the older voice template training process. It also eliminated the constant re-training required due to poor voice recognition, often encountered with workers who have distinct dialects or accents.


Lower Cost Of Ownership And Freedom Of Movement

The ability for workers to determine their ergonomic experience was something new for the business because of the selection of Lydia Voice. Almost half of the users chose to use the VoiceWear vest option as it eliminated the need for a headset. This resulted in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for the customer as they were able to reduce the need to purchase headsets and the respective headset infrastructure, such as batteries and chargers, need to manage and support their workforce.


Success Story


LYDIA Voice Replaced Vocollect Voice at SIMBA DICKIE GROUP

  • Transitioned to Lydia Voice in 2017 after using Vocollect Voice since 2010
  • LYDIA has provided an 11% improvement vs. previous voice solution
  • 50% of workers using LYDIA VoiceWear 
  • Over one million voice picks per year
  • Using SAP EWM with LYDIA Voice
  • Elimination of voice-template training: faster onboarding and no need for monthly re-training

lower voice device costs



decrease in training time



reduced direct integration costs