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The solution for digital
workflows and efficient
process documentation

The digital solution for efficient workflows and digital process documentation

Welcome to the digital future of logistics: With the EPG ONE™ App, you can digitize and document your workflows and processes within an intuitive interface.

Harness the benefits of a paperless future: save time and money while simultaneously enhancing precision in data capture. The EPG ONE App empowers you to design your individual workflows, make adjustments as needed, and thoroughly document your processes.

All of this is achievable without the need to rely on external resources.

Utilize the EPG ONE App as a standalone solution or seamlessly integrate the application into an existing system from our EPG ONE Supply Chain Execution Suite. Furthermore, integration with third-party systems is feasible.

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Digital Workflows (EPG ONE App)

Your processes - now digitized paperless!

The EPG ONE App, functioning as a mobile Workflow Task System, enables you to digitalize all workflows and documentation processes. The app's intuitive interface supports a high degree of customization – internal processes can be created, arranged, and managed swiftly without reliance on external resources. Employees receive their tasks directly on their devices, in real-time, and can execute these tasks seamlessly – even without an internet connection. Comprehensive documentation and live status updates facilitate flexible and smooth task execution, ensuring efficient work processes within a professional environment.


  • Independent workflow adjustments without programming

  • Extensive customization through pre-defined templates

  • Checklists, GPS tracing, route navigation, digital signatures, actual-vs.-target comparisons, response scales, photo documentation, and much more.

EPG ONE App Features:

  • Intuitive Workflow Designer
  • Automated Transmission of PDF Reports
  • Digitalization of Checklists and Inspection Documentation
  • Real-time Digital Verifications
  • Offline Capability for Spatial Flexibility
  • Compatibility with Industry-standard Systems
  • Voice Control Possible with LYDIA Voice
  • SOC2 and ISO27001 Certification
EPG ONE™ Checklist and Inspection

Proof of Delivery & Checklist and Inspection

The EPG One App offers robust functionalities that allow you to transparently and digitally manage all processes related to the task areas of Proof of Delivery and Checklist and Inspection step by step.

Ensuring that delivered goods precisely match the specified specifications and characteristics is of paramount importance. Therefore, goods receipt inspection plays a pivotal role in warehouse management, yet many companies still execute this process manually and on paper. This is where the EPG ONE App comes into play, digitizing, optimizing, and streamlining this step:

  • Examination of transported goods and documentation of damages or missing parts.
  • Logged damage reports are directly forwarded to the supplier.
  • Time and resource savings through digital processes and centralized document storage.

Missing or incorrect items, subpar packaging, or evident product damages must be identified and documented through goods dispatch inspection. Within the Workflow Designer, a fitting checklist can be defined for this process. Anomalies can be captured directly via photos and stored within the system:

  • Digital checklists for pre-shipping goods dispatch inspections.
  • Documentation of anomalies with photos.
  • Cargo securing and closure.
  • Support for carriers, freight forwarders, drivers, loaders, and recipients 

Maintaining technical systems, equipment, components, and operational resources aims to preserve functional states or restore them in the event of failure. Both maintenance and inspection are typically documented and managed using checklists. The EPG ONE™ App renders this approach obsolete, employing digital checklists for effortless and transparent process documentation:

  • Digital checklists for maintenance of technical systems and equipment.
  • Smooth and clear process documentation through an intuitive interface.
  • Online and offline availability facilitating transparent process documentation without an internet connection.

By combining the mobile application with the voice assistant LYDIA Voice, it becomes possible to edit orders, checklists, or workflows through intuitive voice commands. This facilitates seamless and more productive work processes, as unnecessary manual interactions with mobile devices are entirely eliminated.

  • LYDIA Voice Compatibility – "Check by Voice"
  • Intuitive voice control of orders, checklists, and workflows
  • Significant reduction in errors and multi-language recognition
  • Decreased manual interactions and increased productivity.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Error-free process flows thanks to digital documentation
  • Efficiency enhancement through real-time digital communication and updates
  • Streamlined workflows through centralized document storage
  • Cost and time savings due to instant access to information
  • More time for essential tasks by eliminating manual data entry.

Flexibility for a variety of application Areas

The EPG ONE App is not only a true game-changer in the field of logistics but also holds potential for process documentation and optimization in numerous other domains



Digital checklists for comprehensive examination of transported goods and documentation of potential damages, missing parts, etc.



Support for carriers, freight forwarders, drivers, loaders, and recipients. Automatic documentation of every movement and simplified proof of task completion from departure checks to delivery notes.



Suitable for all types of inspections (warehouse, road, rail, sea, air) of technical systems, forklifts, AGVs, components, equipment, as well as ship and aircraft maintenance.



Easy assignment of tasks from the web portal to your employees' mobile devices. Detailed workflows ensure proper execution and documentation of each task, including the attachment of additional documents such as inspection plans or room lists.


Control, coordination, and step-by-step monitoring of construction work with automated and digital documentation. Assignments can be delegated to in-house staff and contractors.


Creation of checklists for hospital operations to identify departments and rooms requiring cleaning. Accident reports for fleet managers to report accident details. Patient surveys to gauge the quality of hospital care.


Scheduling Appointments and Route Planning for Mobile Field Service Representatives. Provision of Maintenance Manuals. Encompassing various field service activities such as electrical installations, building technology, heating systems, IT services, plumbing, and telecommunications.


Conducting inspections on agricultural premises using customized checklists. Identification and resolution of potential issues during agricultural machinery maintenance.

The EPG ONE App in use

Digital Workflows (EPG ONE App)

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The app for workflow and process documentation