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Reliable, Even When The Pressure Is On: LFS For Trade And E-Commerce

If you want to be successful in trade, you will have to be a jack of all trades. Be it omni-channel with wholesale and retail operations, or e-commerce: behind every great variety of sales channels there always also is a sophisticated logistics operation. Only a robust logistics software allows for error-free, same-day and/or express delivery, even during seasonal peaks. Value added services (VAS) and efficient returns management are, in addition to maximum speed, the key factors of success. Why not benefit from the versatile applications offered by our Warehouse Management System LFS? LFS lets you take your warehouse performance to the road.




Industry-Specific Features And Functions At A Glance


  • Never out of stock (NOOS)
  • Acceleration of order processing through intelligent order consolidation
  • Same Day delivery and express delivery
  • Omnichannel
  • Efficient return management
  • Value Added Services
  • Pick-and-Pack

Our Warehouse Management System Offers A Variety Of Modules For Use In Trade And Commerce

  • Multi-order picking: 2-stage work packages
  • Pick-and-pack principle
  • Integrated shipping system: connection of CEP providers
  • Resource management
  • Transport control system
  • Returns handling
  • Consolidation
In Focus

Value Added Services And Effective Return Management

The use of Value Added Services (VAS) is becoming increasingly important for dealers. It creates the opportunity to stand out from the competition. With a special VAS module, LFS ensures that the required additional services are performed. The logistics software provides an overview of all upcoming and already implemented activities. In addition to the automatic control, it is also possible to perform the actions manually. All additional activities can be printed on receipts, such as picking or loading lists. The newly gained transparency in the warehouse makes it easier to deal with possible returns: every ten online purchases are sent back today - and the trend is rising. For merchants, effective management of returns is becoming increasingly important. LFS integrates returns into the logistical processes and controls its entire management - from the check of the return to the re-storage, up to the dispatch of the replacement product.