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Next Generation Invoicing with Contract and Billing (CnB)

The logistics industry continues to prosper as more businesses value the capabilities available by partnering with a business with a focused expertise and the ability to support future growth expectations of their clients. Most importantly, the growth in smaller orders has created an immediate challenge since too often contract terms were structured for a customer profile that has changed.

Today’s environment has exposed weaknesses in many operating procedures. As the competitive landscape evolves, businesses are really looking for ways to increase profitability for their existing contracts. This has created a new opportunity to identify and enhance invoicing practices, so you get paid for your value.

Core Challenges Needing Your Immediate Attention

  • Outdated infrastructure + error-prone processes
  • High levels of administrative manual workload
  • Information in multiple data silos - lack of transparency
  • Home Grown: SQL Scripts and advanced Excel
  • Complex SOP + Contract Terms Administration
  • Wasted hours of the operations team
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Increased Services Invoicing = Greater Revenue:
Get Paid for Your Value.

Today’s finance executive is challenging their organization to look for ways increase revenue opportunities per contract, while reducing their operating costs.

Some of the typical questions they are asking are:

  • Are we really documenting all the services we provide and thus can invoice?
  • How much time does our internal team spend reviewing and verifying monthly customer invoices?
  • How many people are involved in this actual administrative process?
  • When was the last time the business challenged existing processes for this entire effort?
  • How could we get to invoice agreement faster with our customers to improve accounts receivable invoicing and our overall collectives effort?

EPG’s CnB can help take your invoicing process to new heights. Read our brochure to learn how!

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Improving Today’s Contract Administration and Invoicing Process Challenge

EPG's Contract and Billing enables business to quickly and accurately invoice all provided services for their different clients – often days earlier in the month than previously achieved and offers businesses a dramatically reduced effort vs. the traditional invoice verification process which reduces DSO payment days. We offer a Services-to-Pay Solution.

More Revenue and Lower Costs

  • Increased invoicing by ensuring that all work tasks are included within existing contract agreements across various systems such as: WMS and TMS, as well other in-house custom systems

  • Increased internal process productivity by 20% - 30% vs. existing processes with centralized and mobile friendly solution capable of support complex contract terms

  • Reduced internal communications and process flow by up 40% with ability to support centralized and decentralized finance organizations

  • Reduced manual and paper-based processes by 90% in the preparation of invoices and improve customer invoice checking and error corrections before invoices go to customer for review

Error Elimination and More Transparency

  • Reduction in customer service chargebacks by 20% due to contract performance SLA performance measurement weaknesses

  • Greater contract compliance with singular source of truth for greater transparency that helps reduce customer service contract follow-up activities and enables improved business relationships

  • Modernized contract management and invoicing platform designed by professionals with more than 30 years of experience supporting logistics service providers

  • Reduced IT dependence to fix issues and provide enhancements in order to support existing and new clients with a full-featured, secure enterprise SaaS solution

EPG Contract Management

CentralPark™ Web Portal

EPG’s CnB Web Portal provides a singular informational hub (thus CentralPark) for all the contract and services information with line-item drill-down capabilities and full invoicing transparency for internal stakeholders and approved customer proforma invoicing review and approval contacts.

The decisive advantage that CentralPark offers is the ability for quick review, internal team engagement and a seamless customer feedback loop that virtually eliminates the traditional back and forth and invoice delaying settlement process:

Contract and Billing ensures that all services within the agreed contracts are quickly reviewable and customer questions on individual line-item invoices are addressed without delays. It provides an easy way for all to review comments and reasonings for not approving an invoice and supports a rapid focus on the invoicing exceptions. By using CnB, you will reduce the complexity within your ERP system and time-consuming and cost-intensive process adjustments.

✓ Transparent invoice control by the customer

✓ Transparent invoice control by the customer

✓ Avoidance of customer complaints

✓ Avoidance of customer complaints

✓ Cost and time savings for customer support

✓ Cost and time savings for customer support

Bringing Operations and Invoicing Teams
Closer Together

EPG's Contract and Billing solution is Mobile-Centric to fully empower the Operations team to identify and capture services rendered as they execute individual tasks which enables the capture of work performed.

The Operations team loves the EPG solution because it dramatically reduces their daily administrative burden, as well as their month-end engagement needed to verify and assist the invoicing team complete the documentation around monthly services. The business wins by getting paid for the value performed every month.