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The cover picture shows blue boxes in an automated small parts warehouse, which is controlled by the warehouse management system LFS.wms.

Warehouse Control System: Material Flow Analysis, Material Flow Planning And Material Flow Control

Material Flow Analysis, Material Flow Planning And Material Flow Control: Warehouse automation is on the rise and smart control tools that efficiently monitor and analyze your entire workflow are becoming more important than ever before. The Warehouse Control System WCS is a manufacture-independent and future-proof module that can handle all your material flow controls and analysis requirements. It manages, controls, and coordinates all aspects of your automated material flow. The main advantage over other solutions: our solution runs independently of any materials handling or robotics technology you might already use. You also can integrate various different mechanisms simultaneously.

Warehouse Control System (WCS)
Material Flow Control with WCS by EPG

Warehouse Control System: Manage your warehouse automation

The EPG product suite offers a logical and scalable heterogeneous solution to help you manage your material flow across all your various automation and robotics solutions. Our solution is WMS agnostic while providing a larger, unified strategy platform, and seamless integration to your various automation solutions. The EPG solution receives tasks from the warehouse management system and provides the intelligence and flexibility to identify points with data transfer including master data elements such as: an identification number, control of dimensions, bins, trolley, stacker cranes with buffer sections and conveyor accumulation.

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Material Flow Control with the Warehouse Control System (WCS)


The Material flow control WCS manages, controls, and coordinates all aspects of your automated material flow. The main advantage over other similar solutions: WCS runs independently of any materials handling technology you might already use. You can even connect various different mechanisms simultaneously. The integrated visualization system offers operators an overview of all events in real time. Benefit from our manufacture-independent approach and our many years of logistics experience for an optimized workflow within your inventory.


Be it a brand-new installation or an inventory upgrade, the Warehouse Control System adapts to meet your needs. When you build a new logistics center, we are with you every step of the way to coordinate the WCS interfaces needed for the various software programs and automated systems. When you upgrade your warehouse, we support you during day-to-day operations. We connect our material flow controller to your existing technology and, by applying an efficient project management approach, ensure that your system remains fully functional throughout the entire upgrade.

3D Visualization

Use the integrated material flow 3D visualization solution with ‘zoom’ function to take a look inside your warehouse – even before you launch. The software you are deploying not only visualizes all of your material flows, including rack and shelving systems in 3D; it also simulates them to ensure that your integrated materials handling technology is used efficiently and that all parts of the system work together in perfect harmony. The material flow 3D visualization is the integrated emulation tool that allows you to ‘model’ your warehouse management system and warehouse control system from a test system, without actual hardware, to create the optimum material flow and control process before you buy.

One Powerful Solution

WCS adapts to your existing infrastructure. The material flow control tool features an open interface vis-à-vis the automated systems, be they centralized or decentralized, and regardless of platform, database, or hardware used. The Warehouse Control System continuously collects and analyzes movement data and performance indicators. As a result, economically inefficient workflows are becoming a thing of the past. The material flow controller is of course ideally suited for the warehouse management system LFS, resulting in one powerful overall package. Plus, this also reduces the number of software solutions and allows you manage and control all of your warehouse workflows from within a single system

Optimized Warehouse Control Solution To Future Proof Your Warehouse

Through high-level emulation of your automatic warehouse processes, you can minimize risks, such as production downtimes and system failures. In addition, EPG's Warehouse Control System (WCS) optimizes pallet and container transportation and offers a wide range of functions including:

  •  Identification points with transfer of an identification number
  • Control of dimensions for recording and checking length, width and height as well as the pallet type
  • Picking bins, packing and dispatch lanes
  • Transfer trolley with an unlimited number of input and output points
  • Stacker cranes of different producers
  • Parameterization of routes and valid destinations
  • Visualization allows a permanent overview of the material flow and supports the diagnosis and correction of errors
WCS Warehouse Control System
The visualization desplays your material flow in the installations and can be opened on any modern browser.

The Benefits Of WCS For Your Warehouse

  • Manufacture-independent connection of materials handling technology
  • Dramatic cost savings on software license and support costs
  • Detection of optimization potentials through complete transparency
  • Scalability for growing and ecommerce driven fulfillment operations
  • Minimization of down time and risk
  • Ability to connect to virtually any existing host system
  • Custom configurability to your environment
  • Direct integration into your WMS
  • Fully integrated visualization of the transport process in 2D and 3D
  • Dedicated contact person throughout the entire project duration
  • Model and test your automated workflows before you buy
  • Minimum training time required

Warehouse Control System

Flexible control and coordination of the material flow.

Manufacture-Independent Integration

Of Materials Handling Technology





Warehouse Performance