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Warehouse workers are proud of the warehouse voice picking software Lydia Voice and present the latest state-of-the-art voice devices.
Dare To Compare Dare To Compare

Dare to Compare: Reasons Why Lydia Voice Wins vs. The Previous Generation Voice Solution

This white paper will cover key reasons customers have told us as to why they selected Lydia Voice vs. previous generation voice solutions. The content includes feedback from some of the largest former Vocollect voice customers who have transitioned successfully to Lydia Voice with improved worker performance. Read our White Paper to find out more!

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Lydia Voice Vs. Vocollect Voice

Not so long ago, researching voice solution providers was a difficult task due to the limited voice technology options for distribution center and warehouse workflows and tasks. Two viable global voice solutions for the warehouse and distribution market have emerged - Vocollect Voice and Lydia Voice, the New #1 global voice solution for New Sales for the distribution center. Customers moving from Vocollect Voice to Lydia Voice have experienced an 8% to 12% worker productivity improvement on average with a 30% less in total cost of ownership

The Lydia Voice Co-Exist solution enables existing Vocollect customers to easily operate a two-vendor voice strategy without having to undertake any additional voice integration efforts. The Lydia Voice Co-Exist solution can be fully operational in a very short-time and requires minimal customer effort.

Greater Functionality

  • Near identical core voice functionality
  • Modern neural network driven voice recognition  engine to address difficult dialects and accents
  • Expanded workflow capabilities that adds value to existing WMS and empowers voice workers
  • Excel in high-transaction operations - 6,000 users
  • Enterprise SiteSwitcher for multi-site management
  • Multiple proof points on customer replacements
  • Unique Lydia VoiceWear eliminates headsets

More Efficient

  • No voice training required
  • Support for daily and seasonal workforce
  • Less complex integration- days, not months
  • Greater affordability for additional workflows
  • Support for leading Android devices
  • Support multiple headset options
  • Easier to do business with
  • Greater customer "independence"

Better Value

  • ~ 35% less cost
  • No software license transfer fee
  • Reduced "spares pool"
  • Greater flexibility for growing businesses
  • Greater affordability for smaller locations
  • Lower costs for support and maintenance
  • Better TCO
  • No public company investment limitations
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Information On Lydia Voice Solutions

The Lydia Voice speech recognition capabilities are proven by hundreds of thousands of users around the world. Its voice-directed feature set can match any available voice product, including Vocollect Voice, and its speech engine leads the market in its ability to adapt and get smarter over time. Lydia Voice’s neural network recognition engine, excels at recognizing various dialects, which continues to be a challenge for other voice solutions and one of the key reasons they require continued voice template training. Furthermore, the modern Lydia Voice neural network driven voice recognition engine is optimized for warehouse workers required for health reasons to wear face masks without old-fashioned voice template training and excels in mulit-site operations. Vocollect Voice customers understand this continuous voice template retraining requirement. Hear for yourself why you should upgrade to Lydia Voice and download our free Demo

You want to know more about Vocollect Voice Replacement or Co-Exist Solutions? Get more Info

Vocollect Voice replaced by Lydia Voice at SIMBA DICKIE

  • Lydia Voice has provided an 11% improvement vs. previous voice solution (a nice surprise)
  • Transitioned to Lydia Voice in 2017 after using Vocollect Voice since 2010
  • 50% using Lydia VoiceWear (user choice), rest of users using a wireless headset
  • Over one-million voice picks per year
  • Using SAP eWM with Lydia Voice
  • New and seasonal workers no longer require voice template training (and eliminated monthly voice re-training)
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