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Get the Lydia Voice Demo App

If you're interested in a Lydia Voice demo, it's just a click away! 

Download our demo app from the Google Play or Apple Store - simply search for Lydia Voice. See and hear for yourself the advantages of EPG's Pick by Voice-Solution as Lydia Voice guides you through a step-by-step picking dialog. Start now and download the App here.

Convince yourself of the most modern voice recognition demo app on the market

  • Hands-Free / Eyes-Free Concept
    Employees can concentrate on the essential work steps.
  • Significant Time Saving
    Whether full-time or seasonal worker, language training is not necessary.
  • Deep Neural Network Technology
    Improved speech recognition ensures that dialects and accents are now even better recognized.
  • Productivity Increase
    As a rule, the introduction of the voice-guided system pays for itself after just nine months.
  • Complete Process Support
    From start of the order to confirmation of the storage location to the removal of the article.
  • Optimization of the Process Quality
    Simplified work processes and satisfied employees optimise the overall result.

Benefits of the Voice Demo-App

The app guides you step by step through a simple picking dialog so that you can get to know and understand all facets of the processes with Lydia Voice. Start a dialogue with Lydia and convince yourself of the advantages that you also benefit from in productive operation: more efficiency, safety and quality in the entire picking process.

Download the Lydia Voice Demo App!

Thanks to the precise instructions, employees always know what to do. From the start of the order to the confirmation of the storage location to the removal of the article, all process steps are handled and accompanied by voice guidance. This simplifies handling many times over

Download the Lydia Voice Demo App!

The app has a simple structure and is reduced to the most important information. Since the various processes are controlled entirely via voice input and settings concerning the volume or speed of the announcements can be handled just as easily via service commands, no additional menu items are required. In this way everyone can start immediately and without training.

Download the Lydia Voice Demo App!

The Lydia Voice Demo-App supports multiple languages and provides users with an easy introduction to the world of voice systems. With the help of neural networks and deep learning methods, we were able to significantly improve the recognition of non-native speakers and accents. No language training is required to use Lydia Voice. Every employee, whether full-time or seasonal, can start productive immediately. This saves time and ensures satisfied employees. Additionally, the LYDIA Voice Demo App has the capability to test the new features Multilanguage Recognition and Multilanguage Output. This allows users to be assigned multiple languages for recognition and for audio output.

Download the Lydia Voice Demo App!

Just download the Lydia Voice Demo-App from the DOWNLOAD PAGE to your Android or iOS device and get started! Works not only on all Android smartphones, but on all Android-based devices.

Download the Lydia Voice Demo App!

Try our new Lydia Voice Demo App for free! Download App
Time to bet on Lydia Voice Demo App!

You would like to digitize your processes?

Pick by Voice is an important component of process digitization in logistics and industry: Technology connects people and machines in an efficient way. It is therefore our task to optimize the interaction between man and machine so that both systems work together in the best possible way. Voice has a firm place today, especially in order picking. With Lydia Voice - the market-leading solution for voice-guided work processes - we can offer a considerable reduction in the workload of a large number of employees around the globe. The comprehensive features of our voice solution provide greater accuracy and an outstanding increase in productivity. The efficiency and simplicity of the solution and its intuitive and universal usability can now be seen by everyone - with the free Lydia Voice Demo-App!


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