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LFS In Sync With Industry: Maximum Intersection Of Production And Logistics

Just-in-time and just-in-sequence processes have become part and parcel of every industrial and production company’s daily operations. This also has a significant impact on logistics processes: here, precision is key. Processes that are perfectly in sync both in time and in place are the most important factors of success. It is crucial to remain flexible and avoid downtimes. Our Warehouse Management System LFS provides you with the perfect solution. Let LFS help you to efficiently connect logistics and production.

YKK pushes logistics strategy.

Smart, Connected Material Flow: LFS As Used By Seeberger

In Seeberger GmbH’s new automated warehouse, LFS manages and controls the entire flow of materials. Headquartered in Ulm, Germany, the family-owned business produces several thousand tons of trail mix, dried fruit, and coffee every year. To ensure a targeted flow of materials, the company also employs four automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in addition to their warehouse management system. These AGVs form the connection between the high-bay warehouse and the production area. When a production order is received, LFS starts by issuing a command to the automated storage and retrieval systems in the automated warehouse. These systems then select the requested goods and carry them to one of the retrieval lines, where an AGV picks up the pallet and transports it to one of the production machines by way of a bridge.


Our Warehouse Management System Offers A Variety of Modules For Use In Industry & Manufacturing

  • Handling of parts lists
  • Handling of hazardous goods
  • Asset management
  • Transport control system
  • RFID
  • Automated systems communication (integration of materials handling technology)

A Transport Control System For Warehouse Path Optimization

Considering the demands placed on the speed of logistics today, managing the means of transport is a critical factor. The transport control system (TCS) guides industrial trucks through the warehouse in a path-optimized manner. Our warehouse management system’s module manages these processes such that optimum use and optimum utilization of capacity of these vehicles is achieved. Be it europallets or bins – the system assigns the appropriate means of transport to each load bearer. Thanks to the efficient coordination of means of transport and paths of transport, processing time is significantly reduced. The TCS module reduces the number of empty trips by consistently assigning a subsequent transport job each time a transport job is assigned to a means of transport.