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Woman is picking in the warehouse with the voice picking software Lydia Voice.


It's Time for Your Voice Solution to BE BETTER.
Hello Lydia Voice.

Whether you already have a previous generation voice solution in place or want to add voice technology into your fulfillment center for the first time, the Prove-It pilot will provide the confidence and proof that Lydia Voice is NOW the best option on the market. The modern Lydia Voice neural  network driven voice recognition engine is optimized for warehouse workers required for health reasons to wear face masks without old-fashioned voice template training and excels in mulit-site operations. Learn why Lydia Voice is now the second largest global voice provider. If you already have a voice solution like Vocollect Voice, then with our Co-Exist Solution you can run Lydia Voice in your warehouse simultaneously with Vocollect Voice and no voice template training is required. Lydia Voice can help you gain an additional 8-12% worker productivity. Let us prove it!

Learn more about the pilot program in our Webinar "Voice in Your Warehouse: Prove It!"


Challenge Your Legacy Voice Solution to be Better

If your business has been using voice for many years with that old “blue potato”, you might not be aware that you will be confronted in 2020 with known data security issues needing your immediate business attention. That’s because Microsoft formally ended extended support and its no longer providing security patches for the Windows® CE operating system, which operates your old blue potato.

This white paper will address the known security challenge confronting EVERY blue potato customer and introduce you to Lydia Voice, which can provide your business an exciting upgraded voice solution alternative, since your business MUST ACT. Now that you know. Be Better.

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Two-Vendor Voice Strategy For Your Business Plan 2020

Lydia Voice is successfully operating at select, larger Vocollect customers and has been for more than two years! In fact, users are experiencing a consistent 11% productivity improvement with Lydia Voice in comparison to Vocollect voice. Read the white paper to learn more!

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Dare to Compare: Lydia Voice vs. Vocollect Voice

The Lydia Voice speech recognition capabilities are proven by hundreds of thousands of users around the world. Its voice-directed feature set can match any available voice product, including Vocollect Voice, and its speech engine leads the market in its ability to adapt and get smarter over time. Lydia Voice’s neutral network recognition engine, excels at recognizing various dialects, which continues to be a challenge for other voice solutions and one of the key reasons they require continued voice template training. 

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Voice Software in the Warehouse 2009-2019: Has Anything Really Changed?

This industry perspective white paper focuses on voice technology, some of the key changes we’ve seen since 2009 and explores how voice solutions are adapting and needing to embrace the reality of today. In addition, it will address some of the key changes in the software and hardware technology landscape and the impact being felt within the distribution center from e-commerce growth.

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Key Lydia Voice Advantages

  • No voice training required - 48 languages
  • Modern neural network driven voice recognition engine to address difficult dialects and accents
  • Integration In days, not months - including Web Services with REST
  • Lydia Voice Co-Exist Solution - transition to a two-vendor voice strategy while keeping your existing workflow processes
  • Lydia Voice TimeSquare Cloud Analytics
  • Greater affordability for smaller locations
  • 35% lower cost of ownership vs. Vocollect voice
  • No software license transfer fees
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Information On Lydia Voice Solutions

Hear Lydia Voice in Action!

Download Free Lydia Voice Demo App


Our Lydia Voice Demo guides you through the process to pick an order via voice. Think about placing an order online and now, you will hear how that order will be fulfilled using Lydia Voice. The process is easy to follow and interactive – workers are excited to use voice and you’ll be excited, too when your distribution center achieves approximately 35% productivity improvements! You might think that’s too good to believe and want to know how is that possible? Lydia Voice removes multiple steps in a standard workflow process – the standard nine step process is reduced to five voice-directed steps. Lydia Voice helps you make it happen, often with a return on investment in less than nine months.



Learn more about our Program

Fully Functional Lydia Voice 30-Day Pilot Program


WEBINAR "Voice in Your Warehouse: Prove It!"

Learn how to take project risk off the table quickly by proving Lydia Voice integrates with virtually any WMS solution and validating the voice recognition in your environment before making any major financial and resource commitments.

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WEBINAR "Execute a Two-Vendor Voice Strategy: Lydia Voice™ and Vocollect™ voice Co-Exist."

If you are an existing Vocollect voice customer, learn how to successfully execute a two-vendor voice strategy by using Lydia Voice and Vocollect voice together – see for yourself how Lydia Voice can provide an additional 8 percent to 12 percent gain in worker productivity!

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WEBINAR: Lydia Voice™ and SAP™ EWM and WM

Learn how Lydia Voice™, the premier voice solution for SAP™ customers, can rapidly optimize your workflow processes and help take SAP™ to new performance heights.
Please bring your own lunch.

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Lydia Voice Prove IT Pilot Project

Request a Free Lydia Voice Demo


Request a Free Lydia Voice Demo



than your old Voice Solution


Voice Recognition

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Seamless Integration

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