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Voice Recognition with Face Mask: Lydia Voice Delivers Impressive Performance With Excellent Recognition Quality

Workers wearing face masks is quickly becoming a requirement in many warehouses. Existing customers and prospects want to know: Is there an impact on speech recognition when workers wear face masks?

Lydia Voice does not require template training like other solutions, and because it does not rely on personal voice profiles, workers are able to wear face masks with no impact to speech recognition. Workers can continue to use Lydia Voice just as they always have and there is no need for costly adjustments to the system that other solutions may require.

COVID-19 and other easily transmitted infectious diseases make it imperative to disinfect mobile devices properly. Learn more in our cleaning instructions.

Using the latest technology, EPG performed tests on Lydia Voice speech recognition reliability when wearing a face mask and results speak for themselves:

See for Yourself!

Voice Recognition with Face Mask

Voice Picking System Lydia Voice by EPG in use with a Face Mask
Recognition with Face Mask: Speaker-independent system Lydia Voice

Our customers confirm test results Voice

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