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Digitale Prozessdokumentation mit Checklist and Inspection

EPG ONE Checklist and Inspection:
Modernize Your Checklist Processes

It's time to digitize your team's work and say goodbye to paper systems and older PC-based solutions.  The EPG ONE Checklist and Inspection is a mobile first SaaS application that provides visibility, transparency and insights into checklists, safety and quality inspections. It is a high-performance solution that can be used across a multitude of industries and is customizable with our low code platform to fit virtually any process- no matter how complex with our advanced conditional and branching logic capabilities.  Lydia Voice is a standard option to enable a hands-free experience.  

There are a wide range of use cases of the EPG Checklist and Inspection solution. These are just a few. If you have a checklist process, we can digitize it! Let us show you.

Start with a solution template

Get more vehicles safely on the road

✔ Keep your fleet moving by performing easy, quick digital inspections

✔ Safer vehicles, smarter operators ensuring each operator take responsibility

✔ Eyes all over the world, from the comfort of your desk for multiple sites

✔Assign actions from the web and stay informed

Raise your safety game at every job site

✔ Upgrade your safety protocols

✔ Act on hazards immediately when something doesn’t look right

✔ See where the problems lie. Compare performance across sites, teams, projects

Upgrade your food and service standards

✔ Lift your quality standards

✔ Conduct hotel room inspections smarter without paper forms

✔ Protect your customers, protect your business by ensuring food and beverage safety

Raise the standard at each location

✔ Client information at your fingertips for landlords and clients

✔ Make every minute count by reducing clerical work and paper handling

✔ Drive real accountability by providing excellent quality of care and performance

Ensure the highest standards in every run

✔ Maximum yield, minimum downtime with easy digital inspections

✔ Keep your workers safe by following procedure and that equipment is functioning properly

✔ Deliver consistent high quality with standardized templates and approach

Improve COVID-19 Compliance

✔ Simplify risk assessment

✔ Ensure up to date screening checklist for visitors and employees

✔ Ensure up to date checklist for individuals and families

Prepare Each Day for Optimize Compliance

✔ Standardize your procedures digitally with common, up-todate templates

✔ Ensure full compliance

✔ Gain immediate feedback issues and resolve in a timely manner

Optimize your equipment inspection process

✔ Ensure consistency on equipment inspection with standardize templates

✔ Make sure regular maintenance schedules are adhered to

✔ Provide a solution for the team they can learn in minutes on their phone

Checklist and Inspection: Live Demo

Get an insight into live system

EPG ONE - Checklist and Inspection Product demo

Watch Brief Product Demonstration

Download more information

Features at a glance.

  • Multiple solutions options: Premium, Campus and Enterprise
  • Secure SaaS solution with Level 3 EPG Data Centers- 99.5% SLA
  • Application runs without internet/WiFi/Cellular connection for field-service based operations
  • Automatic data syncing when user reconnects to network
  • One-year, two-year and three-year purchase options (paid annually)
  • Multiple customer support options: Gold, Platinum and Diamond tiers
  • Advanced conditional and branch logic
  • Signature capture- if Android device is capable
  • Complete traceability with time-stamped data tracking
  • Remote training option- 3-hour class
  • On-site custom training session- one day minimum
  • Low code template development platform - No programming required!
  • Unlimited checklist and inspections process
  • Clone and duplicate templates for rapid prototyping and adding new templates
  • Image storage for attachments
  • Seamless integration of Lydia Voice (includes Lydia Voice license)
  • Easy data system integration with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and ERP systems
  • Advanced JSON web services integration as option
  • Easy data expert to your business analytics tools- i.e. Tableau, Power BI, etc.
  • Custom branding possible (White label)
  • Support for a wide range of Android devices

Custom designed checklist processes for your business

EPG's Checklist and Inspection is the solution when it comes to digitalizing manual checklist processes. It is a high-performance solution that can be used across a multitude of industries and is customizable with our low code platform to fit virtually any process- no matter how complex with our advanced conditional and branching logic capabilities. 

Give your team members the ability to improve their efficiency and value and save yourself from the horrors of error-prone paper checklists and outdated and inefficient processes. 

Would you like to find out more about our solution? Get in touch!