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Digitale Prozessdokumentation mit Checklist and Inspection
Checklist and Inspection Checklist and Inspection

EPG ONE Checklist and Inspection:
The app for workflows and digital process documentation

Are you worn down by manual logistics processes and overwhelmed by piles of checklists and process documentation? It's time to digitize your team's work and say goodbye to paper.  The EPG ONE Checklist and Inspection is a mobile friendly SaaS application that provides visibility, transparency and insights into checklists, safety and quality inspections. It not only saves you time, but increases the accuracy of the data you record and reduces costs as well! EPG ONE Checklist and Inspection is intuitive to use and highly customizable – users can create, prepare and manage internal processes themselves in no time, without having to rely on external resources.

Checklist and Inspection: Live Demo

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All the benefits of Checklist and Inspection at a glance.

  • Increased efficiency plus time savings for all processes
  • Paper-free data entry via mobile app
  • Minimized error rate
  • Simple, transparent process documentation
  • App works without internet connection
  • Highly customizable due to predefined templates
  • Compatible with software from EPG or third-party software (i.e. SAP)
  • Lydia Voice compatibility - "Check by Voice"
  • Can be used in a range of different industries

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EPG's Checklist and Inspection is the solution when it comes to digitalizing manual processes. It is a high-performance solution that can be used in most industries and at almost every stage of a process. From ground handling at the airport through incoming goods inspection at a warehouse to vehicle inspection at the garage – Checklist and Inspection is the solution. The app clearly presents all documentation processes and users can prepare each job or process intuitively and easily themselves, as Checklist and Inspection has templates and building blocks to create checklists and workflows at any level of detail. For example, you can integrate mandatory fields, target/actual comparisons and various different response scales to reduce the error rate significantly. You can also add photos to your digital documentation process.

Give your employees the ability to improve their efficiency and save yourself from the horrors of error-prone paper checklists. Checklist and Inspection is the mobile interface to EPG's comprehensive solution and can be easily connected to SAP. This means you can pull the data and orders for documentation processes in Checklist and Inspection directly from your existing systems, including from outside logistics, giving you real-time insight into ongoing processes. The workflow task system is available to download in all app stores.

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