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Lydia Voice Is The #1 Voice Solution for Android Devices

With multiple contracts inked in past 12 months with general merchandise, grocery, beverage, and other global retailers and manufacturers, Lydia Voice from the Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) has become the preferred voice solution for voice-directed workflow optimization in warehouses and distribution centers with Android devices.

Lydia Voice's impressive growth due to device independence

NORTHLAKE TX – February 1, 2022 –  Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG), a leading global provider of supply chain execution and voice software solutions, announced today that its Lydia Voice solution has become the number one voice solution deployed on devices powered by the Android operating system (OS) in the U.S. and worldwide.

Numerous global manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have selected the Lydia Voice solution from EPG as the voice-directed workflow optimization software provider of choice. EPG has closed multiple deals with major general merchandise, grocery, and specialty retailers — as well as with food and beverage, healthcare, and industrial components manufacturers and distributors — over the past 12 months.

“Based on the numbers of new licenses we’ve sold for warehouses, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers across the US in the past year — and the associated number of Android devices our customers have elected to run our Lydia Voice software on globally — establishes Lydia Voice is the number one most deployed voice solution,” explained Scott Deutsch, President, EPG Americas.

Deutsch attributed the Lydia Voice software platform’s impressive growth in new system implementations to EPG’s dedication to device independence and working hand-and-hand with the Zebra Technologies direct sales and partner organziations.

“Unlike other voice-directed picking software providers who require their proprietary hardware to be used, we give our customers the freedom and flexibility to select the optimal device platform for their operations and processes,” he continued. “Customers can elect to implement Lydia Voice on their existing Android devices of record, typically Zebra. The choice is theirs.”

Lydia Voice has been tested and proven on a broad range of industrial mobile devices from leading suppliers, including Zebra and Samsung. This allows an operation to combine the functionality of handheld mobile computers, scanners, and other devices in a single solution that can be standardized across multiple facilities and processes. Powered by the universally popular Android Industrial OS, the deployment of a single multi-modal device streamlines and simplifies an organization’s upgrade and maintenance demands.

In addition to multiple Android device support, Lydia Voice — when combined with its market differentiating EPG VoiceWear vest which eliminates the need for a worker to wear a headset — offers several  additional key benefits that have likewise contributed to its growing market dominance, according to Deutsch.

“Lydia Voice is the only solution that incorporates deep neural network voice recognition technology with a voice-enabled wearable vest,” he noted, explaining that the intelligent solution further optimizes the total worker experience with a gamification approach that has become so important as businesses struggle to retain and recruit workers to support operations.

“Lydia Voice delivers near perfect voice recognition rates across more than 50 different languages and eliminates old fashioned voice template training,” continued Deutsch. “This capability allows Lydia Voice to excel in operations where multiple languages or regional dialects are spoken, especially with Spanish speakers where Lydia Voice has been shown to shine in comparison to previous generation voice products. With this outstanding recognition performance, operations can more easily enable and include non-native English speakers into their potential labor pool.”

Additionally, Deutsch shared the findings of multiple Lydia Voice Prove It Pilots conducted with customers: “When users of older generation voice solutions compared their systems to Lydia Voice in extensive pilots, they all reported increased worker productivity within the range of 8 to 12 percent, especially when combined with the use of the EPG VoiceWear vest option versus the traditional headset approach. Customers who have made the jump to Lydia Voice consistently continue to report noticeable improvements in worker voice recognition and overall satisfaction — especially among those speaking Spanish and Afghan workers speaking Dari or Paschto — with faster time to operational independence among seasonal, temporary, and day-labor voice-enabled workers.”

Further, Lydia Voice features a new web services API, enabling it to seamlessly interface with a wide range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and warehouse management system (WMS) solutions — as well as offering market leading native integration with SAP EWM — with no custom programming required.

Finally, Lydia Voice offers multiple licensing options, including perpetual, subscription, and software as a service (SaaS).

A new, fully-functional Lydia Voice Demo App is available as a free download via Google Play and the Apple App Store.