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EPG serves up warehouse and transport automation banquet for Mayers Fine Food

Global supply chain software leader EPG (Ehrhardt Partner Group) has announced another major client win for its fast-growing Australian division: Long-established national food importer Mayers Fine Food is to implement EPG’s state-of-the-art LFS Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS) across its transport and distribution operations, enabling Mayers’ fabled efficiency and customer service to meet the challenges of a fast-changing food and beverage economy, both now and in the future. The double signing underlines EPG’s growing status as the provider of choice for supply chain software across entire company ecosystems.

Automation speed and accuracy

The pairing of the two products will lead to a step change in the speed and efficiency of Mayers’ operations. The WMS will automate and streamline processes at the company’s two DCs in Sydney and Melbourne, while the TMS will enable faster, more accurate and sustainable transport operations across the country, as well as the further bonus of improved communications with drivers, receiving docks and customers. Both systems will be backed up by EPG’s intuitive and easy-to-use analytical dashboard, which offers a broad operational overview as well as precise real-time reports and updates to Mayers staff.

Mayers Fine Food is Australia’s leading importer and distributor of food delicacies and specialty products from all around the world. They import over 2000 premium food and beverage products and distribute nationally to supermarkets, retailers, wholesalers, hotels, restaurants, delicatessens, manufacturers, shipping providers and airline caterers. Their product range includes cheese, butter, water and beverages, frozen lines, dry goods, seafood, chocolate, patisserie ingredients, coffee and pasta to name a few.

Single-source unique capability

In 2022, the company’s continuing success in a fast-changing economic landscape led it to address the growing complexity of its distribution and transport operations. After a competitive tender process, EPG’s LFS was selected ahead of WMS rivals because it is best able to demonstrate a broader range of key features capable of addressing critical operational requirements for Mayers. Batch and lot tracking, random weight capture and multiple order handling are just three of the many functionalities which support Mayers’ specific needs.

Meanwhile, EPG engineers and project specialists were able to demonstrate to the Mayers team the unique value of a single-source supply chain software suite. EPG’s TMS interweaves with LFS to allow a seamless product journey from storage to distribution to customer, with the benefits of continuous product and shipment tracking. Route optimisation enables transport managers to oversee the automated selection and allocation of transport routes to suit specific criteria, such as speed, number of stops, fuel miles and carbon emissions. Everything is overseen by EPG’s TIMESQUARE, a control tower dashboard providing access to real-time reports and updates that contribute to a full bird’s-eye view of the transport and distribution state of play.

“We were looking for an automation system that would equip us for the challenges and opportunities of today and the future in the food and beverage industry,” commented John Aerlic, Head of Operations for Mayers Fine Food. “EPG have given us a very satisfying double helping, with warehouse and transport systems that we expect to have a significant positive impact on our service to customers, efficiencies and, ultimately, our bottom line.”

EPG is delighted with the start it has made since opening its Australia office in 2022. “We are excited to be supporting Mayers Fine Food on the next stage in their growth,” said David Archer, Head of Sales, Australia/New Zealand. “We are confident that our solutions have the best answers for customers in Australasia, as they continue to do for our global client base in Europe, the Americas and Asia.”

System integration discussions have now begun, with a smooth implementation process expected by all parties. Further potential efficiency optimization between the partners includes LYDIA Voice picking solution.