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Pet Food Experts Pet Food Experts

Pet Food Experts Achieves Higher Levels of Customer Service and Associate Productivity with Lydia Voice

Pet Food Experts is a national distributor of pet foods and supplies to independent pet stores, currently operating six distribution centers across the U.S. Discover how the company went from paper-based picking to voice-directed picking with Lydia Voice, after an EPG Prove It Pilot. Today, Pet Food Experts associates also benefit from hands-free, eyes-free, headset-free picking with the lightweight Lydia VoiceWear vest. 

Learn How Pet Food Experts Improves Order Picking Performance and Employee Engagement with Lydia Voice

38% faster picking & 99.9% order accuracy with Lydia Voice

Watch Lydia Voice at Pet Food Experts Distribution Center

Voice Picking System Lydia Voice by EPG in use at Pet Food Exerts
ROI Within Months

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Dare to Compare!

Lydia Voice gets credit for the 20% retention rate in the DCs

Lydia Voice Exceeds
Pet Food Experts' Expectations

Quick Facts About
the Pet Food Experts Case Study


20% Improved Employee Retention

across Pet Food Experts DC network


Achieved 38% Productivity Improvement

due to voice picking vs. paper-based picking


Implemented Lydia Voice in all DCs Across the U.S.

to ensure high-quality service to its customers


99% Accuracy Score

with verbal confirmation via check digit

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