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Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Partners with EPG -
Over a Decade of Success

As a global third-party logistics solutions provider with 489 offices in 173 countries around the world, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics provides warehousing and transportation services for their diverse customer base. Hellmann and EPG have invested in a strong, long-term partnership based on providing Hellmann with ongoing support, consulting, and implementation services for their LFS WMS solution. Subsquently, the 3PL uses LFS exclusively for all of its customers that don’t require the use of a different WMS solution provider. Hellmann identified a customer who had severe space utilization issues and its outdated WMS lacked key process and workflow management capabilities to solve them...a perfect situation to leverage the power of LFS and the Hellmann/EPG partnership.

Learn Why Hellmann Uses EPG LFS For Their Diverse Customer Base

LFS Warehouse Management System

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EPG LFS WMS enables Hellmann to quickly onboard new clients worldwide.

Over a Decade of Partnership

Quick Facts About
the Hellmann Case Study


20% Reduction

in dock-to-stock time


20% Improvement in Space Utilization

due to dynamic inventory slotting


40% Reduction in Receiving Time

with the Warehouse Management System


20% Increase in Picking Productivity

due to significant reduction in process steps

EPG LFS WMS is the perfect fit for Third-Party Logistics.

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