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ABB Installation Products Updates Lydia Voice

With a parts inventory numbering in excess of 2,000 individual stock keeping units (SKUs), the Montreal distribution center (DC) for ABB Installation Products (formerly Thomas & Betts) had switched from paper-based picking to voice-directed picking several years ago. The facility’s operations managers selected Lydia Voice to help their associates improve both accuracy and productivity as they filled orders for small electrical parts and components. Delighted with the improved picking accuracy and efficiency delivered by Lydia Voice, ABB upgraded to the latest release to enhance current capabilities and to leverage new functionalities.

Learn About the New Lydia Voice Functionalities ABB Implemented

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ABB Upgrades to Latest Version of Lydia Voice

ABB is Delighted With New Functionalites of Lydia Voice

Quick Facts About
the ABB Case Study


70% reduction in mis-picks

after original deployment


50% improvement in picking efficiency

due to improved voice recognition


Shortened Onboarding Time

due to ease of use


Easy Upgrade Path

for continous business growth

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