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Lydia Voice - EPG is Ready to Prove It

Due to our extensive experience in the Supply Chain industry, EPG understands the challenges organizations face when they consider implementing a new technology solution. We are so confident that Lydia Voice will provide business-changing results that we have created the Lydia Voice One-Day Prove-It Project

This targeted one day engagement is designed to enable business decision-makers to see Lydia Voice in action and to envision how its ground-breaking deep neural network technology will increase worker productivity, accuracy, and overall worker satisfaction while highlighting all the positive impact Lydia Voice makes throughout the operation with a return on investment (ROI) achieved generally within nine months.  The One-day project leverges YOUR ORDERS. YOUR TEAM. At the end of the day, you will see quanitatively how Lydia Voice can help your business  perform to higher productivity levels.


Lydia Voice One Day Prove Top Impact Focus Areas

  • Increasing Productivity 
  • Expanding Worker Pool
  • Increasing Accuracy
  • Support of SLAs
  • Inventory Management
  • Worker Engagement
Experience Lydia Voice in One Day

Lydia Voice Prove It Process Steps

Capture Picking Information

Our team of industry experts will work with your team to identify your current picking information - what technology you use (i.e., scanner, paper/labels), product SKUs, locations, etc. We then load the details into a file that will provide the foundation for our one day engagement.


Check Digit Labeling

Using the information gathered, EPG will create check digit labels which will enable the project team to see and hear how Lydia Voice works in the warehouse. Check digits support voice-directed picking, however, they also ensure that barcode information is correct and that workers don't 'memorize' locations, which can often lead to mistakes.   

Worker Review of Lydia Voice Test

This is the fun part of the process as we get to show your team, through the actions of one or two of your workers, how easy Lydia Voice is to use! In ten minutes or less, we'll have your workers up and running, ready to pick orders based on the previous steps in the process. Because Lydia Voice does not require, or recommend, voice-template training, your workers will be ready to pick an order within minutes...highlighting how streamlined onboarding becomes with Lydia Voice.

Associate Picks with Lydia Voice

Now we get to see Lydia Voice in action as your worker(s) use it to perform the picking task. You will be able to see and hear how Lydia Voice provides voice-directed prompts and responses and engages with your worker throughout the picking workflow. EPG is confident that once your team gets to this step, the potential of how Lydia Voice will positively impact your operations, will be beyond question...but we aren't done yet!

Quantitative Comparison Before and After

The EPG team will present quantitative data highlighting real operational improvements your operations will experience with Lydia Voice - increasing productivity by up to 20%, reducing errors by up to 50%, and how, by focusing your workers in a hands-free, eyes-free, and potentially headset-free environment will save time, money and provide your workers with a much more engaging, ergonomic solution to perform their daily tasks. 

ROI Within Months

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