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EPG unveils updated Supply Chain Execution Suite (EPG ONE) at MODEX 2024

Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG), a trailblazer in supply chain execution software, is revealing significant tech advances at MODEX 2024, showcasing innovative solutions to enhance logistics and warehouse efficiency. Experts across industries and nations are invited to explore EPG's cutting-edge products and services from March 11th to March 14th at Booth C7268 in Hall C.

EPG at MODEX 2024

EPG is offering a series of insightful seminars and live demonstrations at MODEX 2024. On March 11th at 12:45, Al Rivet will delve into "Supply Chain Trends: Voice Technology's Role in Future Case and Item Picking," offering 9-month ROI strategies and enhanced efficiency for diverse operations in Theater B. Voice will continue to grow for case and item pick - learn why!

Then, on March 12th at 11:30 in the Transportation and Logistics Theater, explore the transformative effect of route optimization with Larry Klimczyk, EPG’s CEO of the Americas, during “How to Increase Driver Retention + Lower Cost per Mile with Route Optimization.” Using sophisticated route planning and execution solutions like EPG’s Greenplan, the transportation industry can improve driver and customer satisfaction while reducing costs by up to 30%.

MODEX attendees are encouraged to join EPG at Booth C7268 for a customer success story by Baron Jordan, Chief Product Officer at CONA Services, on March 12 at 2:00. The presentation showcases the successful implementation of LYDIA Voice, which redefined the North American Coca-Cola bottling business for average productivity increases of 7% across 120 warehouse locations.

Live demonstrations at EPG’s booth will feature the ergonomic LYDIA VoiceWear Air, a Bluetooth-enabled voice solution that is 50% lighter than other models for a user-friendly picking experience, and LYDIA Release 9.1, which impresses with industry-unique multi-language recognition. The innovation caters to a global workforce for optimized flexibility and rapid onboarding. 

The TIMESQUARE exhibit at Booth C7268 will showcase EPG's Supply Chain Control Tower, offering real-time updates and unparalleled visibility of defined KPIs. Attendees will gain insights into how TIMESQUARE enhances transparency and process reliability, making it a crucial dashboard for effective logistics.

EPG's Warehouse Management System (WMS), recognized as a Gartner Challenger, will feature at Booth C7268. With over 35 years of logistics expertise, EPG's WMS is trusted by major industry players. The Warehouse Control System (WCS), ranked #1 in Automation by Gartner in 2023, emphasizes vendor-agnostic solutions, a unified ecosystem, and maximized efficiency.