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Lydia Voice Co-Exist SolutionLydia Voice Co-Exist Solution

Run Lydia Voice And Vocollect Voice Together

Lydia Voice Co-Exist is the ideal solution for Vocollect Voice customers who want to add Lydia Voice along-side their existing voice deployment. The solution enables companies to easily operate a two-vendor voice strategy without having to undertake any additional voice integration efforts. The Lydia Voice Co-Exist solution can be fully operational in a very short-time and requires minimal customer effort. The solution has been successfully operating at select larger Vocollect Voice customers for now more than two-years. The Lydia Voice users are showing a consistent 11% productivity improvement when comparing the two voice solutions.


Simultaneously Operate Vocollect Voice and Lydia Voice

Run Lydia Voice And Vocollect Voice together

  • Execute a two-vendor voice strategy
  • Connect Vocollect Voice and Lydia Voice simultaneously
  • No lost functionality
  • Operate with the exact same workflow processes
  • Add Lydia Voice cost effectively to your smaller facilities with ease
  • No additional customer integration effort required
  • Inexpensive way to modernize voice software
  • Easy way to replace outdated hardware
  • And dramatically reduce “spares pool”


WEBINAR "Execute a Two-Vendor Voice Strategy: Vocollect Voice™ and Lydia Voice™ Co-Exist."

If you are an existing Vocollect Voice™ customer, learn how to successfully execute a two-vendor voice strategy by using Vocollect Voice™ and Lydia Voice™ together – see for yourself how Lydia Voice™ can provide an additional 8 percent to 12 percent gain in worker productivity!

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Your WMS/ERP Lydia Voice Integration Possibilities

  • Direct Interface for SAP eWM
  • Direct  Interface for SAP WM
  • Lydia Voice PickManager Middleware
  • Direct Interface for HTML
  • Microsoft.Net with Object Library
  • Microsoft.Net for Tecsys
  • Real-Time Interface - Web Services/HTTP
  • Real-Time Interface - Telegram Client
  • Real-Time Interface - Aptean Catalyst
  • Real-Time Interface - Epicor
  • Real-Time Interface - Epicor Prophet 21
  • Real-Time Interface - HighJump
  • Real-Time Interface - HighJump Accellos
  • Real-Time Interface - Infor A+
  • Real-Time Interface - Infor MAPICS
  • Real-Time Interface - JDA Red Prairie
  • Real-Time Interface - Manhattan pKms
  • Real-Time Interface - Manhattan WMoS
  • Real-Time Interface - Microsoft Dynamics
  • Real-Time Interface - Microsoft Navision
  • Real-Time Interface - Netsuite
  • Real-Time Interface - Oracle Apps
  • Real-Time Interface - Oracle JDE
  • Real-Time Interface - Retalix
  • Real-Time Interface - Retalix Tricep
  • Real-Time Interface - SAGE
See Lydia Voice in Action!

Download Free Lydia Voice Demo App


Our Lydia Voice Demo guides you through the process to pick an order via voice. Think about placing an order online and now, you will hear how that order will be fulfilled using Lydia Voice. The process is easy to follow and interactive – workers are excited to use voice and you’ll be excited, too when your distribution center achieves approximately 35% productivity improvements! You might think that’s too good to believe and want to know how is that possible? Lydia Voice removes multiple steps in a standard workflow process – the standard nine step process is reduced to five voice-directed steps. Lydia Voice helps you make it happen, often with a return on investment in less than nine months.


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Two-Vendor Voice Strategy


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Exact Workflow Processes


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Replacement Outdated Hardware