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Whistleblower System Whistleblower System

The whistleblower system of the Ehrhardt Partner Group

Compliance with legal requirements, internal regulations and our Code of Conduct is a top priority at Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG).

The success of our group of companies is based on appropriate compliance with these.

In order to meet this requirement, it is important for EPG to learn about and prevent possible misconduct by its own employees or those of suppliers and service providers. For this reason, the EPG companies maintain the "Central Clarification Office" and a central confidential whistleblowing system.

With this whistleblower system, we also offer the possibility of anonymous submission of tips. We pledge not to take any action to identify anonymous whistleblowers unless our whistleblowing system is abused.

EPG does not tolerate discrimination against whistleblowers or anyone who contributes to EPG investigations.

Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty of a violation.

Resulting investigations will be conducted by EPG with utmost confidentiality. Employees of EPG involved in the investigation shall be bound separately in writing to confidentiality in this respect.

Information resulting from an investigation will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

Qualified employees of the Central Clarification Office shall investigate all indications of violations of rules by employees, suppliers or service providers of EPG.

In the first step, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt, unless the tip was submitted anonymously. The staff of the Central Clarification Office will then evaluate your tip. For this purpose, further information is obtained, in particular from the person providing the tip (if not anonymous). If the information provided gives rise to an initial suspicion of a potential violation of the rules, a suitable investigation unit will be commissioned to investigate the case. Based on the ensuing investigation results, the Central Clarification Office staff will make an appropriate sanction recommendation in the event that misconduct is found. Information on the processing status of your tip will be communicated to you without delay. The processing time depends, among other things, on the subject of the tip.

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EPG's whistleblower system provides the following channels to report misconduct by employees, suppliers and service providers.


In order for your tip to be processed appropriately by the Central Clarification Office and for the facts to be investigated accordingly, it is of great importance that the tip is submitted as concretely and comprehensively as possible.

It is helpful if your report takes into account the following 5 questions:

Who? When? Where? What? How?

Please take into account that your information can also be understood by people outside your field of expertise.

It helps us a lot if you are available for further inquiries and therefore provide us with your contact details. However, this is not a must.