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Webinar Series Webinar Series

19 Minutes Of Information For
A Smarter Connected Logistics Business

The following educational webinars presented by Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) are designed to challenge the status quo and disrupt some of your old line thinking about voice technology. Each Lunch and Learn will last less than 19 minutes and will give you new insights about some of the biggest questions being asked about implementing voice technology in the distribution center.

Take a look at our webinar schedule and note the dates in your calendar!

About The Webinar Series

“The capabilities and use cases of voice in the warehouse have changed dramatically compared to when many businesses made their initial technology investments,” said Scott Deutsch, President, Americas, EPG. “Modern voice solutions provide more productivity – in some cases, customers have experienced a worker productivity increase of more than 10 percent. In addition, the use of deep neural network technology, which continuously ‘learns’ as it is used, provides more than a 25 percent increase in voice recognition accuracy; this is vital for supporting challenging dialects in noisy industrial environments and helps eliminate the need of previous generation voice template training. This webinar series is intended to help give attendees new insights into how modern voice technologies can be integrated, risk free, with a multitude of WMS solutions while addressing some of the biggest questions business leaders have during the evaluation phase.”

19 Minutes with our Experts

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