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Lydia VoiceLydia Voice

Leading the Way in Voice-Controlled Supply Chain Solutions

Lydia Voice offers a wide range of voice-guided systems for intralogistics, manufacturing, service, maintenance and quality assurance. Our advanced voice solutions can be used for pick-by-voice, check-by-voice, voice & vision or Lydia VoiceWear. Powered by innovative technology optimized for the supply chain, Lydia Voice can help you increase productivity, improve process workflows, and boost employee satisfaction.

Kick Your Warehouse Into Overdrive

Lydia Voice is the leading software solution for voice-controlled workflow processes. All of our voice solutions are designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring that users enjoy maximum freedom of movement while being able to focus entirely on the tasks at hand. We provide more options than any voice supplier and our real-time interface technology can have you operational in days, not months.

Whether workers are equipped with only a headset and a mobile voice computer, or a hands-free, eyes-free Voicewear vest, order data is transmitted to the mobile voice clients via wireless LAN or UMTS and then converted into step-by-step voice commands. Bin locations, pick quantities and item descriptions are all dictated by Lydia Voice and easily confirmed by the staff member with a vocal response.

Hands-Free, Eyes-Free, Headset-Free Guidance

With Lydia Voice guiding your staff, workers can enjoy an increased freedom of movement. This significantly increases processing quality and efficiency and creates a distinct advantage in warehouses, where lifting is a standard part of the daily routine. As a result, switching to a voice-controlled system pays for itself within as little as one year for most customers.

The Benefits of Lydia Voice

  • Intuitive operation using spoken language
  • Reduce the training time of new employees with self-training options
  • Uses advanced neural network technology to understand dialects
  • Smooth workflow processes
  • Optimum ergonomics
  • Improved process quality
  • Increased efficiency
  • Short amortization period
  • Flexible connection to WMS and ERP systems
  • Hardware and platform independent
  • Solutions for businesses and enterprises
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