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Haribo runs LFS

Haribo: Warehouse systems love it so: LFS for Haribo.

Haribo: Warehouse systems love it so: LFS for Haribo.

Highly automated handling of gummy bears, fruit gums, licorices and other sweets: The world-renowned sweets manufacturer Haribo GmbH & Co. KG implemented the Boppard provider's, Ehrhardt + Partner (E+P), warehouse management system LFS in its newly constructed, automatic high rack warehouse system at the Solingen site. The use of LFS allows the internationally active fruit gum manufacturer to fully automate a large portion of the warehouse processes and ensures seamless batch tracking. In addition to the necessary software, E+P also provided Haribo with the necessary hardware: a data transmission system, terminals for mobile data recording (MDEs) and different printers and the integration of the data transmission system, including radio broadcasting in the warehouse from one source.

A chain of all the gold bears produced in one year linked together would go around the world four times. Worldwide, 100 million gold bears are produced daily; some of which are produced in Solingen, North Rhine Westphalia. The high rack warehouse offers 11,400 pallet storage spaces in a double-deep storage system and 1,200 additional pallet spaces in the goods handling department. This new construction is part of a strategic optimization of the Solingen site. It provides for the most comprehensive automation of the processes possible in the warehouse. In addition to finished goods, raw, auxiliary and operating materials, so-called RHB items such as labels, foils, ingredients and aromas are stored and provided for production here.


Provider selection

The ability to use the system throughout the group of companies was a very high priority for Haribo when selecting the right warehouse management software. Of the 6,000 employees, half do not work at the five German sites. "The option of introducing the warehouse management system at other sites in other countries or language versions in the future and utilizing the resulting synergy effects was very important to us," reports Uwe Weber, Director of German Logistics at Haribo. The LFS warehouse management system can be used throughout the group of companies and across countries and languages. "With several other warehouse management systems, we could have covered our processes at the Solingen site, but they would have only been usable on a site-specific basis," says Weber. "By implementing the LFS warehouse management system, the highest level of process automation was implemented at the Solingen Haribo warehouse," adds Marco Ehrhardt, Managing Director of Ehrhardt + Partner. In addition to LFS, the warehouse experts at Haribo integrated a data transmission system and were responsible for radio broadcasting in the warehouse. In addition, E+P also provided the fruit gum manufacturer twelve MDEs and a total of 17 printers.


From goods receipt to shipping

LFS controls all movements in the warehouse: from goods receiving to outgoing goods. The Haribo employees merely have to confirm incoming and outgoing goods via the MDE. For outgoing goods, LFS also ensures that the pallets are sent out in the right order and are made available on the right conveyors. To this end, the warehouse management system handles the functions of the material flow computer to ensure the pallets do not pass each other unintentionally. "Due to the complexity of the processes, today, the LFS has to handle parts of the material flow control more frequently. Our software developers already have comprehensive experience with system controls from a wide range of providers," reports Marco Ehrhardt. The subsequent loading of the pallets from the supply conveyors at Haribo is supported by optical signals in the form of lamps on every conveyor. This controls the system in sync with the loading dialog. Prior to loading, the bar codes on the provided pallets are scanned one last time. "This way, the error rate for delivered shipments is nearly zero," says Marco Ehrhardt. These highly automated processes allow Haribo to completely turn over the high rack warehouse, with its nearly 630 different items, twice per month.