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Caterpillar Caterpillar

Caterpillar Replaces Previous Voice Solution
With Lydia Voice

When Caterpillar's operations team explored their options for a technology refresh, Lydia Voice was the perfect solution to meet all their needs: As device independent voice solution, Lydia Voice allowed Caterpillar to choose from various Android devices for their 5 distribution centers. In addition, Lydia Voice is SAP certified and provides a native interface with SAP. Caterpillar was able to save considerable time and expense as no middleware was required. That made deployment of the new voice solution across multiple locations much easier. So easy, that Caterpillar’s operations team felt confident enough to complete the rest of the integrations across the other sites with only minimal, remote support from EPG.

Learn How Caterpillar Achieved 32% Increase in Picking Productivity and Throughput

ROI Within Months

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Lydia Voice Outperforms Previous Voice Solution Across the Operation

Improvement in Productivity, Quality and Associate Satisfaction

Quick Facts About
the Caterpillar Case Study



workforce is able to work in their native tongue


Up to 32% Productivity Increase

due to improved voice recognition


15% improvement

in quality and accuracy


More Flexibility

easy integration with SAP and Android

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