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Handling Agent Start-Up Ground2Air optimizes Workforce Operations with EPG`s RMS

Fast-growing handling agent Ground2Air has wasted no time optimizing its workforce operations with the adoption of Aviation Resource Management System RMS, from highly-respected German software specialist EPG (formerly known as topsystem).

Empowering Handling Agent Start-Up for Unprecedented Efficiency

RMS is tailor-made for fast-moving, customer-facing aviation environments. Thanks to EPG RMS, Ground2Air managers and operators can now create workforce and shift schedules quickly and error-free, all based on the stored employee master data, which includes qualification profiles.

Agility and reliability

In any industry, start-up businesses need to hit the ground running, deploying their often limited resources with as much agility as possible in order to establish a customer base. As a 2021 entrant to the aviation handling sector, Ground2Air was no exception.

Flexibility is essential in the handling sector. From flight delays and cancellations at short notice to staff absences due to illness and holiday scheduling, reliable workforce deployment incorporating individual shift planning is vital for smooth operations. Errors and omissions impact directly on customers and passengers, making reliability and trust an absolute must, whether at check-in, baggage handling or in making sure the aircraft is properly fuelled and prepared at the stand.

“As a start-up with a small core team, our staff planning and task creation was at first all carried out manually,” explains Hans Breuer, Ground2Air Station Manager at Palma de Mallorca. “Handling is irregular and sometimes unpredictable – you can move from a period with only a few passengers passing through to peaks of 2000+ per hour. You need to know your have the right number of staff in the right places for each of those hours; EPG’s RMS has solved this for us.”

RMS beats the competition

Ground2Air considered a wide number of bids from several providers, including similar packages used in supermarket and other non-aviation commercial environments facing similar ‘peak and valley’ challenges. After a thorough process involving several demos and meetings, Hans Breuer says they selected EPG above all other contenders because it provided the best fit for their specific needs. “It also gave us confidence that a handling agent in Germany with a similar profile to ourselves was also using EPG RMS,” he explains.

Perfect product configuration

True to its standard procedure, by which the company provides the precise-fit product configuration for the customer, EPG created a working group to examine Ground2Air’s processes and requirements. After a successful implementation, RMS went live at Ground2Air’s Palma de Mallorca facility in summer 2022. The first customer is EuroWings, servicing over 12,000 flights per year at the airport.

Hans Breuer added: “We’ve been delighted with RMS as it has successfully automated a time-sapping manual process for us. It has given us 100% trust that our workforce operations and schedules can meet the unpredictable challenges of daily airport life and enhance the experience for our customers, their crews and passengers.”