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LFS.wms delivers stunning seasonal business for Flaconi.

The seasonal nature of business is a logistical challenge for Flaconi, the beauty e-commerce retailer. To ensure that all orders reach the customer on time, Flaconi uses the LFS.wms warehouse management system and the LFS.iss (International Shipping System) shipping solution from the Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) to optimize its logistics processes. Switching to the LFS solutions soon paid for itself over the 2018 Christmas period. Flaconi was able to handle a multiple of its previous order volume and increasing numbers of orders for perfume and cosmetic products without any problems. A package left the packing line every second over the period. Flaconi also benefited from EPG's rapid project implementation, which took just less than five months from the order to go-live on 8/31/2018.

Beauty e-commerce retailer relies on the Ehrhardt + Partner Group.

Seasonal business, particularly at Christmas, makes Flaconi's warehouse extremely busy. At peak times, up to 4000 packages leave the logistics center every hour in Berlin-Marzahn – with the volume set to increase in the future. For 2021, the e-commerce retailer anticipates a multiple of the volume it ships now. Flaconi deploys EPG's LFS.wms warehouse management system to makes sure that perfume, make-up and its other beauty products arrive on time on the desired delivery date. LFS.wms manages the entire warehouse from goods incoming through picking and replenishment to goods outgoing. The orders are entered successively in LFS.wms. Any order is only released automatically after the automatic inventory and routing check. LFS.wms prioritizes the orders and combines them for optimized routes. Employees are then intelligently guided by the system to pick and place the required items in the picking trolley, following the multi-order picking procedure. Samples are added next. The order containers then reach the packing stations, where orders are processed ready for shipping. When there is a high volume of packages to be shipped, such as at Christmas, Flaconi sometimes runs more than 100 packing stations in parallel. LFS.iss is used to handle the complex and extensive shipping logistics. The International Shipping System handles routing, label printing and shipment finalization for the various CEP providers. It also allows Flaconi to use other service providers or their services at short notice, thereby providing a reliable basis for strategic growth. for greater reliability and flexibility

Implementing the LFS software suite is already having a positive impact. "Working with the previous system, which was based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we struggled with bottlenecks at goods incoming and outgoing. Only one employee was allowed to access any one delivery note. LFS.wms, on the other hand, allows access by several employees. LFS.wms is much more stable than the previous system as well. It is more stable when handling seasonal business and there is greater transparency in the warehouse," says Sven Rosemann, Head of Enterprise Apps & Infrastructure, looking back on a successful Christmas in 2018. EPG provides both LFS.wms and LFS.iss in a private cloud, so that Flaconi benefits from a reliable, high-performance and scalable system that is future-proof, particularly as the company continues to grow.