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EPG Provides Key Insights at MODEX 2020 EPG Provides Key Insights at MODEX 2020

EPG to Provide Key Insights to the Latest Innovations in Voice Technology in the Connected Warehouse at MODEX 2020

Scott Deutsch, President, Americas, EPG and voice industry veteran will share new white paper

“Challenge Your Legacy Voice Solution to Be Better in the Connected Warehouse”


Charlotte – March 9, 2020 –  Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG), a leading global provider of supply chain execution and voice software solutions, today announced industry thought leader Scott Deutsch, President, EPG Americas will share a new white paper, “Challenge Your Legacy Voice Solution to Be Better in the Connected Warehouse” at MODEX 2020. The white paper explores the challenges of legacy voice solutions and how to optimize voice technology for the connected warehouse.


Latest Innovations in Voice Technology in the Connected Warehouse

What you’ll learn from the white paper:

  • Real-world examples how some long-time voice customers are successfully transitioning Lydia Voice 8 to support their next generation solution platforms for the connected warehouse and gained an additional 8% to 12% productivity vs. previous generation offerings

  • Key new possibilities available for existing voice customers, as well as a challenge to non-voice customers, to drive greater productivity in an ecommerce world with improved voice recognition

  • Assistance for businesses looking to add voice technology to build a quantitative business case in a connected warehouse world


The white paper will be available at EPG Booth 3306 or for download at Lydia Voice BE BETTER White Paper- MODEX 2020.

EPG will showcase its configurable LFS WMS solution and its Lydia Voice 8 solution at Booth 3306. Attendees can test the latest in voice recognition technology with Lydia Voice 8 for themselves, in various languages, all without voice template training.

Attendees visiting EPG Booth 3306 will learn more about new solutions and enhanced programs including:

  • EPG Voice Interface Templates (VIT) Toolkit. VIT’s are a best-in-class, centrally driven modular workflow process automation template-driven toolkit to help rapidly configure best-in-class voice-directed workflows. VIT’s have unique inputs and outputs that are specifically designed to optimize various WMS offerings and provide real-time interfaces using the feature-rich Dialogue Designer visual workflow development environment. VIT’s are specifically configured to utilize available functionality that is product and version specific for a WMS customer. VIT’s are extendible and flexible.

  • EPG TimeSquare Real-time Cloud Analytics for SAP. TimeSquare Real-time Cloud Analytics for SAP provides all the benefits of an integrated Business Intelligence solution, but without the IT complexity.  The solution focuses on real-time “Dials of Interest” across multiple data sources, including information  not stored within SAP and also includes ability to integrate real-time video sources. TimeSquare helps you discover real-time insights at the point of decision, with dynamic interactive-stories based on your  Dials of Interest. TimeSquare is available with a direct interface to all SAP EWM and WM customers.

  • The availability of an advanced WMS module for Oracle NetSuite Cloud Business Management Software Suite customers. The addition of an advanced WMS solution for improved inventory management and more efficient ecommerce order fulfillment from EPG, empowers NetSuite customers to now operate with Tier 2 WMS functionality, without the traditionally associated complexity or high operating costs. The EPG Oracle NetSuite module is available as a SaaS, Subscription or Hosted  solution and has been optimized for Oracle NetSuite customers.

  • The enhanced Lydia Voice 8 Prove It! Program. Businesses actively evaluating the addition of voice technology to their warehouse workflow processes won’t find an easier or more affordable way to do so. The enhanced Lydia Voice 8 Prove It! Program enables customers to validate Lydia Voice 8’s deep neural network voice recognition performance in their operating environment. The Prove It! Solution also provides actual integration with their existing WMS/ERP solution.


Visitors can also experience Lydia Voice 8 through an interactive demo via its Android app, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store: lydiavoicedemo. MODEX 2020 booth visitor will experience demonstrations presented in English and/or Spanish utilizing traditional headsets and mobile devices and with Lydia VoiceWear that eliminates the need for headsets entirely.


About Lydia Voice 8

Lydia Voice 8 is the first voice recognition solution for the logistics market to use deep neural network technology designed specifically for the industrial environment where “near perfect” voice recognition is required and eliminates outdated voice-template training. Lydia Voice 8 virtually eliminates one of the most time-consuming multi-site IT responsibilities associated with a typical voice project when Lydia Voice Enterprise SiteSwitcher with dynamic set-up is leveraged. Native integration with SAP EWM and WM and direct integration with: Manhattan, JDA, Infor, Oracle, Retalix, HighJump, SAGE, NetSuite, and 20+ additional ERP/WMS solutions. Extensive real-time analytics is available with TimeSquare Cloud Analytics.


About EPG Supply Execution System (SES)

EPG’s flagship LFS SES solution offers robust functionality across the supply chain through its WMS, WCS, Resource Management and TMS modules. No other supply chain execution solution can match the breadth of LFS, which has been successfully implemented by customers across the globe in both traditional warehouses and some of the most advanced automated environments in the world. It has the scalability to handle one billion picks per day in a single distribution center and improve space allocation by up to 30 percent with its dynamic slotting capability. Thanks to its unrivaled configurability, LFS can be tailored to support a wide range of workflows and operational processes. LFS is certified to integrate with most leading enterprise resource planning systems and all major technology platforms, so customers can count on seamless integration with their current and future infrastructure, regardless of whether it is in the cloud or on premise.



Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) is the leading provider of comprehensive supply chain execution and Lydia Voice software solutions for smarter connected logistics with more than 1,500 customers globally and a team of almost 700 team members. EPG’s highly configurable and scalable logistics solution, LFS, delivers Tier I functionality inclusive of: warehouse management, warehouse control and automation, resource management, transportation management, advanced business intelligence analytics and its industry leading iBrowser ensures ongoing support for all major browsers, delivering flexibility and platform independence. Our Lydia Voice solution offers unparalleled voice recognition with its deep neural network technology and eliminates the need for voice template training, while interfacing with a multitude of WMS and ERP solutions, as well as real-time analytics is available with TimeSquare Cloud Analytics. To learn more, visit