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EPG Lydia Voice 9 Certified by SAP for SAP S/4HANA and with SAP NetWeaver

EPG (Ehrhardt Partner Group) announced today that its new voice solution, Lydia Voice 9, was formally certified by SAP (SAP ICC) with SAP S/4HANA and SAP NetWeaver for Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).

SAP Certification

“This certification from SAP further confirms that businesses that use SAP technology can significantly enhance warehouse performance with the addition of Lydia Voice,” said Scott Deutsch, EPG, President Americas. “Lydia Voice 9 ensures that SAP customer teams have complete control over their Lydia voice application configuration. Lydia Voice has offered SAP certification since 2009 with WM and EWM.”

Lydia Voice can be integrated into a company’s existing SAP environment without the need for middleware. This intelligent online connectivity ensures maximum efficiency in warehouse processes. The process logic is SAP-based, giving customers a crucial advantage: all standard SAP functionalities can be utilised, and changes can be implemented by their own SAP team with a great deal of flexibility.

With Lydia Voice 9, EPG once again is taking what’s possible with voice technology in the warehouse to new heights. Lydia Voice has been the #1 voice solution for Android devices for the last three years and the introduction of Lydia Voice 9 will further cement EPG’s voice leadership for customers wanting to run a voice solution on Android devices.

Key Highlights in Lydia Voice 9:

- Hello Spanglish! Lydia Voice 9 now offers the ability to recognize multiple languages in real-time and in parallel – a unique innovation for the voice warehouse market. This capability is vital as more of the workforce uses dialects which often are made up of two languages with various localized speech patterns and phrases. Lydia Voice 9 further expands your potential pool of available workers.

- Multi-core Threading Support: Lydia Voice 9 takes full advantage of the increased power and multiple cores available in the latest Android devices from vendors such as Zebra Technologies. Full support for multi-core threading offers 3x the voice recognition performance as previous industry best results by optimizing distributed computing power, while also saving energy and allowing for a more efficient use of hardware.

- Expansion of Supported Languages: Lydia Voice continues to expand on the available languages supported, now numbering more than 50 supported languages. Lydia Voice 9 introduces newly supported languages should as: Ukrainian, Dari, Farsi, Spanish (Chile), Spanish (Argentina) and Japanese. When combined with our new Spanglish capabilities, the language Possibilities are almost limitless.

- Smart Voice Grammar Editor: The key to creating and configuring voice dialogue workflows easily and quickly depends on having a modern grammar editor. In Lydia Voice 9, we introduce a next generation Voice Grammar Editor that removes the complexity of the past and gives the customer the power they have always wanted to edit and add new and different voice-directed workflows. With Lydia Voice 9, say goodbye to the voice voodoo doctors of the past.