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Dubai packager Falcon Pack signals further trust in EPG supply chain product suite with TMS implementation

Supply chain software leader EPG (Ehrhardt Partner Group) has cemented its already strong partnership with Dubai-based Falcon Pack, as the disposable food packaging specialist is to implement EPG’s Transportation Management System (TMS). The two companies have forged strong bonds since Falcon Pack’s introduction of EPG’s LFS Warehouse Management System (WMS) in 2018.

EPG automation boosts speed and efficiency for long-term customer

With its adoption of the TMS, Falcon Pack is taking advantage of EPG’s much-admired suite approach to supply chain software solutions. The EPG ONE Supply Chain Execution Suite comprises bespoke applications for each branch of the supply chain journey, from Gartner Magic Quadrant-recognized storage and fulfillment (WMS) to transport and distribution (TMS). Key business drivers within the TMS are routing optimization and scheduling, provided by EPG’s Greenplan application, winner of the prestigious Best Product award at LogiMAT 2023. Dozens of Falcon Pack transport vehicles, from small vans to truck-trailer combinations, are to be implemented with the software.

Speed and efficiency via digital solutions

The digitization of transport execution processes will help Falcon Pack to improve speed, accuracy and efficiencies in its fast-growing ecommerce operations in Dubai. The stateof-the-art technology also enables the packaging experts to introduce same-day delivery to customers, alongside enhanced documentation control and shipment monitoring via an easy-to-use intuitive interface.

“Investing in EPG’s TMS was an easy decision for us to make,” comments Syed Ehtisham, Executive Director IT, Falcon Pack. “We have enjoyed a productive relationship with EPG’s expert engineers and on-the-spot field teams since we installed LFS five years ago. We have great trust in their portfolio and we expect the TMS to provide us with valuable savings in terms of both time and money as well as clear transparency of our day-to-day operations and, consequently, even better relationships with customers. It is also a bonus for our hard-working staff that the system they have supplied us is so easy to get used to.”

Niels Meinken, EPG Logistics Consultant, is delighted with Falcon Pack’s decision to invest once more in EPG’s product expertise. “Our suite approach means that our customers can source all of their supply chain software needs from a single source, which results in smoother transitions and fewer pinch points, as well as a single contact. At the moment we are fully focused on implementing our TMS with them, and we look forward to expanding our relationship with Falcon Pack still further in the future.”