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Lifetime Guarantee With EPG Is Showing the US-American Flag and The Bill Of Rights.

Lifetime Guarantee With EPG Lifetime Guarantee With EPG

Lifetime Integration Guarantee

EPG offers a Lifetime Integration Guarantee to Lydia Voice customers that ensures that when your WMS provider upgrades their software that EPG will not charge a professional services fee to ensure the Lydia Voice integration continues to operate as before with the new WMS software release.

Unless you do your homework and challenge your WMS company, you will find your business stuck with a sole source voice option and one that represents a cost that is 50% higher than market costs on average. Many WMS companies try to hide behind a “data integration mirage” which is not based on today’s facts - a mirage that forces you to make a very costly business decision that you will receive limited benefits from. 

We Put it in Writing!

First Amendment

Ehrhardt Partner Group North America shall make lifetime guarantee for customers with active support agreements that respects the establishment and ongoing maintenance of the integration between Lydia Voice and customers WMS system being of:  SAP, Manhattan, JDA, Infor, Oracle, NCR Retalix, HighJump, NetSuite, SAGE and Microsoft, thus prohibiting these ERP/WMS providers from providing credible fear and uncertainty; or abridging the freedom of voice software choice, and the right of the customer to confidently select Lydia Voice, and to petition Ehrhardt Partner Group US for a redress of future voice enhancements to support newly added WMS functionality.

It's Time Your WMS Provider Offered Choices on Voice Solutions

The reality is that Lydia Voice can be integrated with virtually any WMS and has successfully integrated with a wide range of WMS solutions, including virtually every leading WMS offering.

Lydia Voice Removes Your WMS Providers Integration Mirage Full Voice Integration

Lifetime Gurantee



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