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PARCEL Forum '23

Booth 627

PARCEL Forum 2023 Key Information:

  • September, 11-13
  • Booth #627
  • Gaylord Hotel Opryland - Resort & Convention Center, 2800 Opryland Dr, Nashville | TN 37214

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Schedule a Meeting at PARCEL Forum 2023

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Schedule a Meeting at PARCEL Forum 2023

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Schedule a Meeting at PARCEL Forum 2023

EPG at PARCEL Forum 2023 Booth 627


Greenplan - Intelligent Vehicle Routing 

Greenplan is the ultimate solution to reduce transport costs and enhance route planning efficiency. Greenplan transforms logistics by automatically calculating and optimizing routes, resulting in reduced miles traveled, fewer vehicles needed, and lower CO2 emissions. The system seamlessly integrates with any TMS, enabling effortless generation of optimized routes with a single click. Unnecessary tours are eliminated, and accurate ETA calculations are provided. Its advanced algorithm considers multiple variables, including real-time traffic updates and time-dependent traffic flow rates, to determine the most optimal and environmentally conscious routes. 

Embrace the future of transport management with Greenplan's transformative technology that simplifies the intricate process of route optimization and scheduling through its sophisticated algorithmic prowess.

Finance and Controlling System

CnB (Contract and Billing) is a comprehensive Finance and Controlling System meticulously crafted for optimizing your Supply Chain operations. From contract structuring to seamless service records, contract allocation, and automated invoicing, this innovative solution streamlines all finance and controlling processes. Bridging the gap between ERP and logistics, CnB ensures swift and accurate invoicing of all services under agreed contracts at the right price. This results in not only accelerated invoicing cycles but also the assurance of accuracy across every transaction.

Increase your revenue opportunities per contract, while reducing your operating costs with CnB.

LYDIA Voice #1 Voice Solution For Android

LYDIA Voice has been the number one voice solution for 2 years in a row. It is the only pick-by-voice solution that uses voice recognition based on neural networks and deep learning for outstanding results.

LYDIA Voice has been tested and proven on a broad range of industrial mobile devices from leading suppliers, including Zebra and Samsung. This allows an operation to combine the functionality of handheld mobile computers, scanners, and other devices in a single solution that can be standardized across multiple facilities and processes. Powered by the universally popular Android Industrial OS, the deployment of a single multi-modal device streamlines and simplifies an organization’s upgrade and maintenance demands.

In addition to supporting various Android devices, LYDIA Voice can also be used in combination with the LYDIA VoiceWear - a light weight vest, which eliminates the need for headsets.

Introducing LYDIA Voice 9

LYDIA Voice 9 is a new major release from EPG that extends its voice leadership as the #1 voice solution for Android devices. LYDIA Voice 9 offers the ability to recognize multiple languages in real-time and in parallel, increasing the pool of available workers. It also takes advantage of the increased power of latest Android devices - achieving 3x better performance on modern Android devices - offers support for multi-core threading, and expands the supported languages to over 50, including newly supported languages such as Ukrainian, Dari, Farsi, Spanish (Chile), Spanish (Argentina) and Japanese. The new release also introduces a next generation Smart Voice Grammar Editor that makes it easier to edit and add new voice-directed workflows.

Customers who have switched to LYDIA Voice reported significant improvements in voice recognition and staff satisfaction. The solution has been tested in pilot projects and showed an 8-15% increase in productivity compared to older-generation voice solutions.